Southern Loop 3 of Lahore Ring Road – Construction Update

Southern Loop 3 of Lahore Ring Road

The Southern Loop 3 (SL3) of Lahore Ring Road is making remarkable progress, transforming the landscape and prospects of the area. This stretch of the ring road passes through several significant societies, with Bahria Town Lahore being a prominent one. As the development surges forward, the future is bright for both residents and investors.

Navigating the Boulevard: A Temporary Challenge

Presently, the Bahria Town Main Boulevard is temporarily blocked due to the extensive construction work taking place for SL3. While this has led to minor inconveniences, resourceful residents have found alternative routes to keep life moving smoothly.

Anticipated Price Surge

The completion of the ring road will bring about more than just convenience. It’s expected to trigger a notable increase in property values in Bahria Town and the neighboring societies. Currently, 10 marla plots in Bahria Town range from 90 lacs to 210 lacs, reflecting the area’s appeal to investors and homebuyers alike.

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Solid Advice for Investors

For those who’ve invested in property within Bahria Town, a valuable piece of advice is to hold onto your investments. The expected surge in property prices in the wake of the ring road’s development makes it a strategic move to retain your stake. The prospects of a robust return on investment are on the horizon, and holding steady is likely to yield excellent gains soon.

Explore Opportunities with CDB Properties

The changing landscape and ongoing development paint a promising picture for real estate in the area. For further insights and to explore opportunities that align with these transformations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at CDB Properties. We are here to provide you with the information, guidance, and support you need to make the most of this evolving real estate landscape. Your future in Bahria Town and the nearby regions is set to be a rewarding one.

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