Ring Road SL3 – Transformative Construction Update

Ring Road SL3 Construction Update

The construction of Lahore Ring Road SL-3, an 8 km stretch, has commenced, starting from Adda Plot and passing through Bahria Town before reaching the entrance of NFC Phase 2 on Multan Road. This significant infrastructure project is poised to bring positive changes to the real estate landscape in the region.

Steady Progress in Construction

The construction work of Ring Road SL-3 is well underway, and the development is progressing steadily. As the project takes shape, its impact on the surrounding areas is becoming more apparent.

Positive Impact on Property Prices

The completion of Ring Road SL-3 is expected to have a positive impact on the property prices in the adjoining areas. Bahria Town, NFC Phase 2, and nearby societies are likely to witness a surge in property values. New Lahore City, being in close proximity to this development, will also experience a similar positive impact on its prices.

Lahore Ring Road – Full Drone coverage of Southern Loop 3

Ideal Investment Opportunities

For investors planning to invest in Lahore’s real estate market, it is advisable to consider properties in the vicinity of the Ring Road SL-3 development patch. These areas are expected to see substantial growth in property prices in the coming months, presenting an ideal investment opportunity.

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Hold on to Your Investments

For existing investors who already hold properties in the neighborhoods near the Ring Road SL-3, it is recommended to hold onto their investments. As the project nears completion, property prices in these areas are likely to appreciate further, offering lucrative returns on investment.


The ongoing construction of Lahore Ring Road SL-3 is set to transform the real estate landscape in the region. With steady progress and positive impacts on property prices, investors are urged to explore investment opportunities in societies near the development patch. For those who already have investments in these areas, holding onto their properties promises a potentially profitable future. For the latest updates on this transformative project, stay tuned with CDB Properties.

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