Good News: 4 Main Road To Be Constructed In Lahore

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Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. It is a city that is constantly growing and expanding. In order to keep up with the growth, the Government of Punjab has announced that 4 new main roads will be constructed in Lahore. This is great news for the investors and the people living adjacent to these main roads of Lahore. There are two roads towards the Dharampura area, and two others are adjacent to Raiwind Road. This blog will discuss two roads adjacent to Raiwind Road Lahore. 

  • The first and most important road, Multan Road at Manga Raiwand Road, connected to Sundar Industrial State Raiwind, will be expanded to Lake City. 
  • The second road will connect Raiwind City to Ferozpur road at sue asal road. 

Both of these roads are very important main roads for the residents of Raiwand and Canal road.  

The Multan road is an important route for many industries and businesses. Expanding this road will lead to the area’s development, which will create new jobs and opportunities. The housing societies in a Vicinity of this road, such as Victoria City, will get a very good impact. 

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These two main roads will not only benefit the residents of Raiwind and Canal Road but will also positively impact the economy of Lahore. Bahria Orchard Phase 4 is going to be a commercial hub in the near future. These roads will provide easy transportation to the traders and job holders etc. 

The construction of these two roads is a great initiative by the Government of Punjab and will go a long way in the development of Lahore. For now, the most recent update can impact property prices. Once these roads are fully constructed, the properties’ prices will go high. We recommend to every investor that if you own a property in the vicinity of these roads, keep it holding. And if you are planning to invest, then it’s the right time for the investment. You can contact us directly for the booking details. Our contact details are given below:

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