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Bahria Town Surcharge Waiver

Good News For Investors: Bahria Town Announces 100% Surcharge Waiver

Attention Bahria Town investors! This is your opportunity to clear your pending charges and enjoy significant savings. Bahria Town management has recently announced a limited-time offer: a 100% waiver on surcharges for all investors who pay their outstanding dues in full before December 30th, 2023. This initiative primarily targets investors in Sectors K, L, and M. However, the offer...

7-E Tax Implementation

7-E Tax Implementation on Properties: What You Need to Know

The government is set to implement the 7-E tax on properties, affecting property owners with a value exceeding 2.5 crores. In this blog, we will provide essential information about this tax and its implications on property transactions. 7-E Tax on Property Sales As part of the government's revenue generation measures, a 7-E tax will be imposed on property sales. If an individual sells a property...

Lahore Ring Road Work in Bahria Town Lahore

Beware of Misinformation: Lahore Ring Road Work in Bahria Town Lahore

Recent news circulating about the commencement of Lahore Ring Road work in Bahria Town Lahore has raised excitement among investors. However, after conducting an on-site investigation, CDB Properties has confirmed that this information is misleading and not accurate. False Claims of Lahore Ring Road Work Contrary to the false claims being spread, there is no evidence of Lahore Ring Road work being...

Ring Road SL-3 Construction

Ring Road SL-3 Construction Started – Good News For Lahore

Exciting news for the people of Lahore. The long-awaited construction of a patch of the ring road passing through Bahria Town has finally commenced. This development, pending for several years, will not only complete the circle of the ring road but also bring significant advantages for the residents of Bahria Town. Lahore Ring Road Authority has announced that the construction will cover...

Ring Road Construction Impact on Bahria Town

Lahore Ring Road Construction Impact on Bahria Town Properties

Exciting news for the residents of Bahria Town Lahore! After years of anticipation, the construction of Ring Road SL-3 has commenced, sparking inquiries about the real estate market in Bahria Town. This long-awaited project, with an allocated budget of over 1700 crores for an 8km stretch, is expected to have a significant impact on property values in the area. As observed in other...

Bahria Town Peshawar An Upcoming Venture with Immense Potential

Bahria Town Peshawar: An Upcoming Venture with Immense Potential

Bahria Town, known for its exceptional real estate projects in Lahore and Karachi, is all set to make its mark in Peshawar. After successful ventures in other cities, Bahria Town Peshawar is the much-anticipated project that is expected to revolutionize the real estate landscape of the city. In this blog, we will explore the latest updates on the launch of Bahria Town Peshawar and the...

Bahria Projects Possession & Utility Charges Increase

Upcoming Increase in Possession & Utility Charges: Latest Update from Bahria Projects

Bahria Developers, one of Pakistan's leading real estate developers, has recently issued an important notification regarding possession and utility charges for all their projects across the country. This blog will provide you with the latest update on the upcoming increase in these charges and emphasize the importance of timely payment to avoid additional expenses. Increase in Possession & Utility...

Southern Loop of Lahore Ring Road

Southern Loop of Lahore Ring Road: A Boost for Connectivity and Real Estate

Exciting news awaits residents and investors in Lahore as the Government of Pakistan is set to announce updates on the construction of the southern loop of Lahore Ring Road. With officials confirming that the project will soon commence, this new stretch will connect Adda Plot to NFC Phase 2, passing through the prominent area of Bahria Town. The completion of this project holds great significance for...

Budget 2023 Property Taxes

Budget 2023: Potential Relief for the Real Estate Market and Property Taxes

The real estate market in Pakistan has faced its fair share of challenges recently, leading to concerns among investors. However, there is optimism as the government is set to announce measures to provide relief to the industry in the upcoming budget for 2023. Among the key areas of focus is the issue of property taxes, which has had a direct impact on the real estate market. Let's delve into the...

2023-24 Budget real estate

2023-24 Budget Presented in Pakistan: Good News for Overseas Pakistanis and the Local Construction and Real Estate Sector

The recent presentation of the 2023-24 budget in Pakistan has brought forth exciting developments for both the local construction and real estate sector, as well as overseas Pakistani investors. The budget outlines several key provisions aimed at providing relief, support, and incentives to stimulate growth in these sectors. This blog post will delve into the three main points highlighted in the...

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