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Winter Land Lahore Grand Opening

Snowfall Alert! -10°C in Winter Land Lahore – Grand Opening

Winter is a season that brings joy, excitement, and a sense of adventure for many. However, experiencing snowfall and extremely cold temperatures is rare for those living in Lahore. But hold on tight because Bahria Town Lahore is about to change that with its upcoming attraction called "Winter Land." In this blog post, we will explore the details of this exciting winter wonderland and how you can make the...

Liberty Lands

Liberty Lands: Current Market Situation

Liberty Lands is a luxurious housing project in Lahore. It promises to offer its residents a serene and modern lifestyle. However, investors have been concerned about the development work's pace, which has been sluggish due to the country's economic crisis. In this blog post, we will explore the current market situation of Liberty Lands and what investors should do in this...

Pakistan Default Issues

Pakistan Default Issues & Property Market – Brief Analysis

Pakistan has been facing several economic challenges, including a growing fiscal deficit, inflation, and a decline in foreign reserves. As a result, the risk of default on its debt has increased. This has significantly impacted various sectors of the economy, including the property market. Impact of Default on Property Market: The acute economic crisis has led to a decline in foreign investment,...

Mini Budget Pakistan Good News For Real Estate

Mini Budget Pakistan: Good News For Real Estate

The Government of Pakistan recently introduced the Mini Budget. And several new taxes were imposed on different industries. However, the real estate industry celebrated with the announcement of the Mini Budget, as no new taxes were imposed on properties. This is a welcome relief for property owners, who can now rest assured that their investments will remain untaxed. Real estate...

Urban City Lahore

Urban City Lahore: Launching Soon

Urban City Lahore is an exciting new development that is set to transform the city of Lahore. Located close to the significant landmark Kala Shah Kaku Interchange. Urban City Lahore promises to bring a modern and luxurious style of living to the residents of this area. With its high-end amenities, such as restaurants and retail stores, it will be the perfect place to call home. Urban...

calculator and dummy house lying on wooden textured

Property Taxes In Pakistan- Current Updates And Future Expectations

Pakistan's economic situation directly impacts the Federal Board Of Revenue (FBR) taxation structure. The economy of Pakistan is a slowdown in 2022, and it affected the taxation system of FBR badly. The increased taxes and duties have also severely affected the real estate industry. After the economic crisis, the government of Pakistan imposed heavy taxes and duties on properties. This...

Bahria Town Presents the Bahria Cultural Festival 2022 & New Year Fireworks

Bahria Town Presents the Bahria Cultural Festival 2022 & New Year Fireworks

CDB Properties is very excited to share this information with its clients, especially the residents of Bahria Town, to get ready for a fun-filled week as Bahria Town Management has announced Bahria Cultural Festival 2022 and New Year's Eve fireworks. Bahria Cultural Festival 2022 The Bahria Cultural Festival 2022 is planned to be hosted at the Rose Garden in Bahira...

what if pakistan default

What if Pakistan Default? All You Need To Know

The economic crisis in Pakistan is at its peak these days. Everyone is concerned about the possibility of Pakistan defaulting on its debt obligations, and defaulting means that a country will fail to make payments or renegotiate its debt structure. If this happens, the consequences could devastate Pakistan's already fragile economy. Economic Default: Economic default is when a country fails to pay...

eiffel tower

Good News: Bahria Town Lahore Extended Payment Time

Bahria Town is one of the most advanced housing projects in Pakistan. Since the launch of Bahria Town, it has introduced several projects in Pakistan. Bahria Town tries to facilitate the investors in every possible way. The management of Bahria Town recently increased the payment time for commercial deals in Sector G and Sector H. It's a great relief for the people who have invested in...

fund transfer from one mobile to another illustration

Roshan Digital Account – Best Fund Transfer Option For Overseas Pakistanis 

Funds transfer has been a troublesome work for the overseas Pakistanis. They always needed help from some sources to transfer payments in Pakistan. Rosan Digital Account has solved this major issue and provides an easy mode of payment transfer into Pakistan.  Roshan Digital Account was launched in September 2020. It is user-friendly and easy to use. With this account, overseas Pakistani can easily...

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