South Lahore: A Goldmine of Top Real Estate Projects - Consult Decide & Buy

South Lahore: A Goldmine of Top Real Estate Projects

South Lahore: A Goldmine of Top Real Estate Projects

South Lahore, often overlooked in favor of its more famous northern counterpart, is emerging as a real estate goldmine. With prime locations, excellent connectivity, and exciting development projects, this area offers diverse investment opportunities.

The South Lahore Landscape

Two prominent roads, Raiwind Road and Jati Umrah Road, lay the foundation for South Lahore’s real estate prospects. The areas adjacent to these roads are witnessing remarkable growth.

Raiwind Road:

Raiwind Road is flanked by major societies like Lake City, Fazaia Housing Scheme, Maryam Town, Kings Town, Al-Kabir Town, Icon Valley, Chinar Bagh, and all phases of Bahria Orchard. These societies are rapidly developing, and investors are keen to explore the potential here.

Jati Umrah Road:

Jati Umrah Road boasts the presence of prominent societies such as Bahria Town Sectors G and H, Bahria Orchard Gate 6, District One Lahore, Sui Gas Society, and NFC Phase 2. These societies are experiencing a surge in population, making them attractive investment options.

The Bahria Orchard Connection

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 is a society uniquely positioned to connect both Raiwind Road and Jati Umrah Road. If you enter from the main Raiwind Road and exit from Gate 6, you’ll realize it’s the only society bridging the gap between these two significant roads.

The Commercial Hub of Bahria Orchard Phase 4

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 is home to a flourishing commercial hub with several exciting projects that are set to redefine the real estate landscape in South Lahore.

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Projects to Watch Out For

Orchard Mall:

 This mall is set to be a bustling shopping hub.

Bahria Sky:

Currently the star of the show, Bahria Sky is capturing investors’ attention due to its rapid development pace. This towering project, with its basement, ground, and 14 floors, offers a blend of residential and commercial options. It’s a unique opportunity where you can invest in both commercial shops and residential apartments.

Time Square Mall & Residencia: 

This project promises luxury living and shopping under one roof.

Q Bazar: A shopping destination for those looking for variety.

Athar Mall: Another exciting addition to this burgeoning commercial hub.

Why Bahria Sky Steals the Spotlight

Bahria Sky, in particular, has garnered significant investor interest due to its fast-paced construction. With 95% of its inventory already sold, it stands as a testament to the demand for quality real estate in this area.

A Towering Achievement

Bahria Sky is the tallest project in the commercial hub, boasting basement, ground, and 14 upper floors.

Versatility on Each Floor

Each floor of Bahria Sky is designed with a specific theme:

  • 2nd Floor: A food court and gaming zone for foodies and gamers.
  • 3rd Floor: An IT and consumer electronics hub, complete with coffee shops.
  • 4th Floor: Kids Mania, a haven for all things related to children.

Dual Access Advantage

Bahria Sky enjoys dual access, with both sides opening onto the main boulevard, making it easily accessible from Bahria Orchard and the main Raiwind Road.

A Complete Real Estate Package

This mall offers a variety of investment options, from studio apartments to luxurious penthouses and even corporate offices. Whether you’re seeking residential or commercial investments, Bahria Sky has it all.

CDB Properties: Authorized Dealer

South Lahore’s real estate landscape is transforming rapidly, and Bahria Orchard Phase 4, with its commercial hub, is at the forefront of this change. To explore these investment opportunities further, get in touch with CDB Properties. We are the authorized dealers of many mega projects in this commercial hub. Contact us today to make an informed decision.

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