Residential Apartment vs. Service Apartment: Understanding the Differences and Investment Potential

Bahria Sky Lahore

Residential apartments are self-contained units featuring a room, kitchen, and bathroom. As an owner, you gain possession of the apartment and have the flexibility to rent it out either directly or through real estate dealers. Tenants typically sign contracts for six months to a year, ensuring a stable and predictable rental income. This option provides a hands-on approach to managing your property and tenants, giving you direct control over your investment.

Service Apartments

Service apartments, on the other hand, come with a managed kitchen and offer short-term living services for durations ranging from a few hours to several days. These apartments are often considered superior investment instruments due to their convenience and higher rental yields. Managed by building owners or developers, service apartments allow you to earn rental income without the hassle of finding tenants or managing the property. Typically, service apartments can generate around 8% rental income annually, providing a steady revenue stream.

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Investment Opportunity in Bahria Sky

Bahria Sky offers an excellent opportunity to invest in service apartments. By booking your apartment before June 10th, you can take advantage of a 42-month instalment plan, whereas bookings made after June 10th will have a 36-month instalment plan. With just a 20% downpayment, you can secure your investment in this premium development.

In Bahria Sky, two floors are dedicated exclusively to service apartments. The management offers an attractive profit-sharing model with a 70/30 split, where 70% of the rental income is transferred to the owner and 30% is retained by the management. This arrangement ensures a hassle-free investment experience, as the building developers handle tenant acquisition and property management.


Service apartments in Bahria Sky present a lucrative and hassle-free investment opportunity. With managed services and an attractive profit-sharing model, investors can enjoy substantial returns without the stress of property management. For booking service apartments in Bahria Sky Lahore, contact CDB Properties today.

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