Liberty Lands vs Etihad Town: Which One is the Right Choice for You?

liberty lands and etihad town

The real estate industry is expanding daily, and several new housing projects are launching in the market. When it comes to finding the perfect place to live, there are a lot of options that come to mind. However, two of Lahore’s most popular housing societies are Liberty Lands and Etihad Town. Both these societies have a lot to offer, but which one should you choose?
Liberty Lands Lahore vs Etihad Town Lahore is the most-awaited comparison as it will benefit both the end-users and investors. Here is a quick comparison of Liberty Lands vs Etihad Town to help you make the right choice:


Liberty Lands Lahore is ideally located on Jia Bagga Road Lahore. This location is adjacent to several landmarks such as shopping malls, hospitals, banks, and educational institutions. Liberty Lands is also easily accessible from major parts of the city. This makes it an excellent location.
The Etihad Town project is also near Jia Bagga Road. This development is close to Liberty Lands in Lahore. It is adjacent to Lake City, Park View Lahore, and Khyaban-e-Amin. Etihad Town is also accessible from all the major parts of Lahore.
So, Liberty Lands and Etihad Town are close to each other and have almost the same perks regarding location.

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The most important factor in choosing a project is the development status of a project. Here, It is one of the most important factors to compare both these projects.
Currently, the Liberty Lands project is developing fastly. The initial development work is completed, and file submission is open for the members. Soon the balloting will be announced. It is expected that on the 14th of August, the Liberty Lands Lahore developers will announce the plots’ balloting. The developers of this project are very committed, and previously they delivered all the projects on time.
On the other hand, Etihad Town is still in its early developmental stages. The project was launched a long time ago, and little progress has been made since then. It is because of the delay in some commitments.

Final Thoughts

So, after this basic comparison, Liberty Lands Lahore is the right option for investment. Etihad Town is also a good project but delayed due to some reasons. You can also wait for some time till the development of this project will be completed.


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