SL3 of Lahore Ring Road: A Complete Informative Guide

SL3 of Lahore Ring Road Guide

The Lahore Ring Road project, conceived years ago to enhance city connectivity, encountered a roadblock due to conflicts with Bahria Town Lahore. However, the commencement of construction on the previously stalled Southern Loop 3 (SL3) has reignited this vital infrastructure development.

A Historical Perspective:

The inception of the Lahore Ring Road project dates back 12 years, with the completion of the Northern Loop, Southern Loop 1, and Southern Loop 2. However, Southern Loop 3 and Southern Loop 4 faced delays due to land disputes with Bahria Town Lahore.

Connecting the Dots:

On the city map, the Northern Loop stretches from Gulshan Ravi, traversing Shahdara, Harbanspura, various DHA phases, and culminating at Kamaha Interchange. It links DHA Phase 5 and Sui Gas Phase 1, spanning a length of 40 km. From Kamaha Interchange, Southern Loop 1 and 2 follow, culminating at Adda Plot, both of which are completed segments.

The Resurrection:

The much-anticipated patch of Lahore Ring Road is Southern Loop 3, embarking from Adda Plot and navigating through multiple societies. Its path intersects GVR Phase 1 and 2, Tulip Block Extension, Rafi Block, Grand Jamia Masjid, Janiper Block, Iqbal Block, Overseas Block C, EE Block, and concludes at NFC Phase 2. The construction’s centerpiece is the grand interchange at Multan Road.

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Impact on Nearby Societies:

As the construction wheels of Ring Road SL3 are set into motion, nearby societies are poised for transformative impacts. This project is poised to enhance the property rates in these societies, a boon for investors and homeowners alike.

A Property Investment Opportunity:

For those with aspirations in real estate investment, the land encircling Lahore Ring Road holds immense potential. The envisioned enhancements in connectivity, accessibility, and property values set the stage for promising investments.


The rebirth of Lahore Ring Road through the commencement of Southern Loop 3 signifies not just physical infrastructure but also a roadmap to redefine the city’s real estate dynamics. Its trajectory through various societies and the forthcoming completion of Southern Loop 4 emphasizes the project’s importance. As the development unfolds, neighboring societies stand to benefit from increased property values and improved connectivity. For a comprehensive understanding and expert guidance, reach out to CDB Properties today.

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