Lahore Ring Road Construction Impact on Bahria Town Properties

Ring Road Construction Impact on Bahria Town

Exciting news for the residents of Bahria Town Lahore! After years of anticipation, the construction of Ring Road SL-3 has commenced, sparking inquiries about the real estate market in Bahria Town. This long-awaited project, with an allocated budget of over 1700 crores for an 8km stretch, is expected to have a significant impact on property values in the area. As observed in other societies where the ring road passes through, such as Lake City and Khayaban-e-Amin, property prices tend to rise. This development opens up new opportunities for investors in Bahria Town Lahore.

Improved Accessibility for Bahria Town

Previously, Bahria Town had access to the ring road via Adda Plot. However, with the construction of Ring Road SL-3, Bahria Town will now have easy accessibility from the Multan Road side. This enhanced connectivity will bring convenience and open up new travel routes, making Bahria Town an even more desirable location for residents and investors.

Potential Impact on Property Prices

The completion of Ring Road SL-3 is expected to have a positive impact on property prices in Bahria Town and its surrounding societies. The proximity and improved connectivity to the ring road often result in increased demand and property value appreciation. Investors are already showing interest in Bahria Town, anticipating a good return on their investment.

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Wise Investment Decision

CDB Properties recommends holding properties in Bahria Town and other surrounding societies to capitalize on the anticipated rise in prices. With the commencement of the ring road construction, the potential for higher returns on investment becomes even more promising. Stay updated with the latest information and expert guidance from CDB Properties for the best investment strategies.


The initiation of the ring road construction in Lahore brings great news for residents and investors in Bahria Town. The improved accessibility and enhanced connectivity will make Bahria Town an even more sought-after location, while the potential rise in property prices presents an attractive investment opportunity. With the positive impact observed in other societies along the ring road, it is wise to consider holding properties in Bahria Town and surrounding areas. Stay tuned with CDB Properties for more details and expert advice, ensuring you make informed investment decisions in the evolving real estate market of Bahria Town Lahore.

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