Elevated Living at Pearl One Courtyard: New Payment Plan Launched

Pearl One Courtyard New Payment Plan

Pearl One Courtyard, a hallmark project by ABS Developers, introduces a haven of contemporary living. One of its prime offerings, the Asan Ghar Offer, originally presented a remarkable opportunity for prospective homeowners. In this blog, we unravel the evolution of this offer and its current standing in the real estate landscape.

Pearl One Courtyard Asan Ghar Offer: 

Initially launched with an attractive price tag of 14,000 per square foot, the Asan Ghar Offer encompassed thoughtfully designed 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed apartments. The payment plan extended over 2.5 years, adding a layer of financial convenience for aspiring homeowners.

Pearl One Courtyard Current Pricing Dynamics:

As the project progressed, so did the market dynamics. The rates for Pearl One Courtyard have seen an escalation, with the current price set at 15,000 per square foot. Additionally, the downpayment structure has been revised to align with the evolving real estate landscape. Following is the updated payment plan for this project:

The Transition from Affordable to Exclusive: 

While the Asan Ghar Offer initially presented a 1-bed apartment at an enticing 70 lacs, the revised rates indicate an adjustment reflecting the project’s growth. Investors now encounter increased downpayment requirements and updated rates across all apartment categories.

Pearl One Courtyard Amenities and Project Highlights:

Pearl One Courtyard stands out not just for its living spaces but also for the array of amenities it promises. Nestled within a 300+ feet high project, it offers 24/7 room service and a spectrum of luxury facilities, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and opulence.

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Pearl One Courtyard Strategic Accessibility and Vicinity:

Situated conveniently, Pearl One Courtyard is accessible via Azam Bhatti Avenue from Bahria Town Lahore and from Jati Umrah Road, enhancing its connectivity. The vicinity boasts numerous landmarks, adding to the project’s allure.

Seize the Opportunity: Why Invest Now in Pearl One Courtyard?

While rates have witnessed an increment, the current pricing still presents an opportune moment for investment. As the project advances, the trajectory suggests that property values will continue to rise. Act now to secure your place in this evolving real estate gem.

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