Lahore Smart City Overseas Prime Block Event: Exciting Developments

Lahore Smart City Overseas Prime Block Event

Lahore Smart City’s Overseas Prime Block in Sector A recently hosted a vibrant event that unfolded major announcements, elevating the project’s allure. Investors and prospective homeowners are in for a treat with the unveiling of exciting updates.

Lahore Smart City Second Balloting Revelation: 

The highlight of the event was the revelation of the date for Lahore Smart City’s second balloting — a significant milestone scheduled for January 22, 2024. This eagerly awaited event promises to shape the future of this futuristic residential venture.

New Commercial Plots in Lahore Smart City: 

Adding a layer of diversity to investment opportunities, Lahore Smart City introduced new commercial plots. Investors can secure acknowledgment receipts for 3.5 marla, 2.66 marla, and 6 marla commercial plots with varying payment percentages. The deadline for obtaining acknowledgment receipts is extended until December 30, offering flexibility to eager investors.

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Lahore Smart City Discount Policy Extension: 

Understanding the value of attractive incentives, Lahore Smart City extends its discount policy until December 30. This extension allows investors to capitalize on discounted rates, further enhancing the appeal of investing in this smart and modern residential project.

Inauguration of New Projects in Overseas Prime Block: 

Developers have also taken the opportunity to inaugurate new projects within the Overseas Prime Block. The growing demand for property in this block signifies the confidence and interest investors have in Lahore Smart City’s Overseas Prime offerings.


With a flurry of announcements and opportunities, Lahore Smart City’s Overseas Prime Block is paving the way for a dynamic and rewarding future. Whether through the upcoming second balloting, diverse commercial plots, extended discount policies, or the inauguration of new projects, this event has added new dimensions to the Lahore Smart City experience. For bookings and detailed information, reach out to CDB Properties and embark on a journey to secure your place in this smart city.

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