Lahore Smart City’s 2nd Balloting and Lucrative Investment Offers

Lahore Smart City 2nd Balloting

Lahore Smart City, known for its innovation and investment potential, is gearing up for a significant event – the 2nd balloting. With an array of enticing investment offers, the project continues to attract investors seeking a smart investment avenue.

2nd Balloting Announcement:

Mark your calendars for September 18th as Lahore Smart City prepares for its 2nd balloting. To participate, investors need to possess an acknowledgment receipt, which serves as a ticket to this pivotal event.

Resale Options with Acknowledgement Receipts:

Acknowledgment receipts also open doors for investors to explore the resale market. This flexibility adds an extra layer of convenience for those looking to capitalize on this promising venture.

Diverse Residential and Commercial Options:

Lahore Smart City presents an extensive range of options for investors. From 5 marla to 1 kanal residential files and 4 and 8 marla commercial files, these investments will soon materialize into tangible plots, ready to yield returns.

Capitalizing on Development Progress:

Investors keen on capitalizing on Lahore Smart City’s development progress are presented with a prime opportunity. As the project advances, the value of these files is expected to be appreciated, making early investment all the more appealing.

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The 3.5 Marla Investment Trend:

Among the various investment options, the 3.5 marla files stand out due to their high demand. With a nominal booking fee of 370,000 and a 3.5-year installment plan, these files have caught the attention of savvy investors.

Discount Offers for Early Investors:

For those ready to make a bold move, Lahore Smart City offers enticing discount incentives. Investors paying 50% upfront can enjoy a 7% discount, while those opting for full payment can reap a substantial 12% discount. Act quickly, as this discount offer is valid only until September 16th.

Secure Your Spot:

The 2nd balloting marks a crucial phase in Lahore Smart City’s development journey. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to secure your investment and position yourself for potential gains. Reach out to the experts at CDB Properties to navigate this investment landscape and ensure you make the most informed decisions.


As the 2nd balloting date approaches, Lahore Smart City unveils a host of investment options and incentives. From diverse plots to attractive discounts, the project is poised to make a significant impact on the real estate market. To be a part of this journey and seize the moment, get in touch with CDB Properties for expert guidance and personalized investment solutions.

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