Impact of Ring Road SL3 on Various Housing Societies

Impact of Ring Road SL3 on Housing Societies

The imminent completion of Southern Loop 3 (SL3) of the Ring Road in Lahore is set to bring about significant changes to the landscape of several housing societies. In this blog, we delve into the transformative influence of SL3 on various prominent societies.

Delayed Beginnings:

Commencing its journey in 2016, the construction of a crucial stretch of the Southern Loop of the Ring Road experienced delays. However, recent developments signal the initiation of construction, promising transformative changes for the societies it will connect.

SL3 Route and Its Impacts:

Spanning from Adda Plots to the main Multan Road, SL3 is poised to impact multiple societies along its route, reshaping connectivity and property values.

Bahria Town:

While Bahria Town boasts an established and well-developed infrastructure, SL3’s impact on this society is relatively muted. Property prices are already at a premium due to society’s robust development. However, properties situated in proximity to SL3 are expected to witness value appreciation post-construction.

New Lahore City:

New Lahore City, a thriving and well-facilitated society, will experience direct advantages from SL3. Residents can effortlessly access Ring Road via Canal Road or Bahria Town, granting them swift connectivity to major routes and amenities. The society’s residents stand to benefit from Bahria Town’s array of facilities, contributing to their enhanced lifestyle.

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NFC Phase 2:

NFC Phase 2 emerges as another prominent beneficiary of SL3’s influence. This society will house the largest interchange on Ring Road, elevating its accessibility from both the main Multan Road and Canal Road. Linked to Bahria Town and New Lahore City, NFC Phase 2 offers reasonable property rates. Upon SL3’s completion, it is anticipated that property prices within this society will experience a noticeable surge.

Opportunities Await:

As the impending completion of Ring Road SL3 draws closer, it brings forth a wave of transformation for these housing societies. While Bahria Town’s property landscape will see a subtle shift, New Lahore City and NFC Phase 2 are poised for significant positive impacts in terms of connectivity, convenience, and property value appreciation.


The journey of Southern Loop 3 is not just about connecting roads; it’s about linking opportunities. The transformation that this addition to Lahore’s infrastructure will bring is poised to redefine the real estate landscape for societies like New Lahore City and NFC Phase 2. As we await the final touches on SL3, it’s clear that the impact will be both far-reaching and transformative. For a deeper understanding and detailed insights, feel free to reach out to CDB Properties.

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