Ring Road SL-3 Construction Started – Good News For Lahore

Ring Road SL-3 Construction

Exciting news for the people of Lahore. The long-awaited construction of a patch of the ring road passing through Bahria Town has finally commenced. This development, pending for several years, will not only complete the circle of the ring road but also bring significant advantages for the residents of Bahria Town. Lahore Ring Road Authority has announced that the construction will cover an on-ground area of 3000 Kanal, spanning approximately 8 kilometers from Multan Road to Adda Plot. This project, with an estimated cost of over 1700 crores, is expected to enhance connectivity and accessibility for the entire region.

Enhanced Connectivity and Access

With the construction of this segment of the ring road, residents of Bahria Town will benefit from improved connectivity and accessibility. The project will provide convenient access to Bahria Town from Multan Road, opening up new transportation routes and facilitating smoother travel for residents and visitors alike.

The Biggest Interchange in Punjab

One of the significant highlights of this development is the construction of the largest interchange in Punjab on Multan Road. This interchange will serve as a major transportation hub, facilitating efficient travel and enhancing connectivity to various areas in and around Bahria Town.

Positive Impact on Property Prices

The commencement of construction for the ring road in Bahria Town is expected to have a positive impact on property prices. Similar developments in the past, such as the construction of Shahkam Chowk, have led to an increase in market prices. The completion of this project is likely to further boost property values, making it an appealing opportunity for investors.

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The construction of the ring road in Bahria Town Lahore is excellent news for both residents and investors. It promises improved connectivity, easier access, and enhanced transportation options. The development of the largest interchange in Punjab will further enhance travel efficiency and connectivity in the region. Moreover, the positive impact on property prices presents an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to invest in the thriving community of Bahria Town Lahore. Stay informed with CDB Properties to make well-informed decisions

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