Launched at the dawn of 2023, Urban City Lahore marks a significant transition in Lahore’s real estate landscape. Initially recognized as Al-Hafeez Garden Phase 4, this ambitious project transformed into Urban City Lahore following its NOC approval in 2022. Spread over 54 acres of technically approved land, Urban City embarked on its journey to redefine contemporary living with the unveiling of its first block, City Oasis.

The Dawn of City Oasis Block

Nestled on Narowal Road, the City Oasis block served as the pioneering segment of Urban City Lahore, featuring its main gateway on the bustling thoroughfare. With an enticing payment plan, the block presented 3 marla plots at an attractive price point of around 8 lacs, catering to budget-conscious investors and homebuyers seeking quality living spaces.

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The Launch of City Venture Block

Accelerating the momentum, Urban City Lahore introduced the “City Venture” block approximately ten months after City Oasis. Positioned strategically along the main GT Road, this block garnered attention for its slightly premium pricing, reflective of its advantageous locale. Here, 10 marla plots became available for a mere 35 lacs, coupled with a 3.5-year payment scheme, highlighting Urban City’s commitment to affordability without compromising on location benefits.

Development Milestones and Future Prospects

The latter part of 2023 witnessed the commencement of Urban City Lahore’s development activities. A key highlight is the near-completion of a main boulevard, designed to seamlessly connect the main GT Road with the Qarshi interchange on Narowal Road, ensuring optimal accessibility for residents. While the current focus is on 5 and 10 marla plots, anticipations are high for the introduction of 1 kanal plots, promising expanded options for those seeking more extensive living spaces.

Why Choose Urban City Lahore?

Urban City Lahore stands out as a beacon of modern living, offering a blend of affordability, strategic location, and developmental promise. Its phased evolution from Al-Hafeez Garden to a standalone entity underscores a vision for growth and community development. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Urban City presents an unmatched opportunity to be part of Lahore’s evolving urban narrative.

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