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Times Square Mall & Residencia Announced 20% Discount


Times Square Mall & Residencia is one of the biggest malls in Bahria Orchard, with both residential and commercial opportunities. The developers of Times Square Mall & Residencia recently announced a discount offer for investors. According to this offer, Investors can enjoy a 20% discount on a downpayment until 23 October 2022. 

The Times Square Mall & Residencia developers are committed to delivering high-quality projects to the investors. If we talk about the construction status of the mega mall, then 4 floors are complete in grey structure, and construction work is going on in full swing. According to the developers’ commitment, the mall’s construction will be completed soon. 

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Although the investors took a great interest in this mall and booked most of the shops and apartments, there are a lot of investment opportunities available in this mega-development, including shops, apartments, offices, etc.

The discount offer is another fascination to the Times Square Mall & Residencia. You can enjoy the discount till 23 October 2022. So, it is a limited-time offer. If you plan to invest in Times Square Mall & Residencia, it is a perfect time. You can invest less and enjoy more benefits. For booking, you can contact CDB Properties. We provide the best guidance and profitable investment opportunities. Our Contact details are as follows:

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