5 Best Real Estate Investments – And Why They Matter

5 Best Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is a popular choice for good reasons. Real estate is easy to purchase, convenient to sell, gives tax advantages, improves your lifestyle, and, best of all, its values usually increase over time. In addition, real estate investors make money through rental income, appreciation, and profits generated by business activities that depend on the property.

But there is a broad scope and variety of real estate investments, and many factors that make some more reliable than others. So today, in this article, we will cover the five best real estate investments you can consider for the best returns.

1. Plot Files

With the most economical budget, the best available option is plot files. Plot files can be purchased with a nominal down payment, and you can avail of the residential plot in a few easy installments. This kind of investment is linked to the project’s growth, and as the project progresses, you will also see your home increase in value.

However, it is very important to consider the developer’s credibility and previous work before purchasing plot files to avoid any scams and loss of your investment.

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2. Commercial Shops & Apartments

The other investment options are apartments and commercial projects. This is an excellent choice because Pakistan’s market is constantly in demand for commercial spaces.

Apartments and commercial buildings are usually leased out, and the rent collected from tenants can generate an income stream that is steady. In addition, commercial properties typically appreciate faster than residential properties, giving investors more opportunities to earn capital gains.

While purchasing a commercial property, the buyer should consider customer footfall as it will directly influence the rental income of the shop.

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3. Plots on Installments

The third option is to purchase plots in installments for investment and residential purposes. Many reputed developers/societies offer plot schemes with maps, so the buyer has the option to choose their plot according to their choice or best location. However, you might have to pay a portion of the profit for this kind of deal which is fine for many users.

For this type of investment, it is recommended to invest in an authentic project, hold your property for a while, at least six months, or a whole year, and then you can earn good capital against your investment.

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4. Hotel Apartments

A new concept of hotel apartments is currently hitting the Pakistani real estate market. When you invest in this type of property, you purchase hotels that are registered as your own property. However, you cannot use it as an owner. Instead, you will receive a month’s vouchers for free, and if you’re chosen, you’ll receive an annual increase in the value of the hotel’s apartment building.

Contracts for hotel apartments are also being signed over a period of ten years. Therefore, if you work with a reliable developer, you should also expect a decent investment return.

5. On-ground properties

On the fifth and last number, we have on-ground properties. This kind of property is considered the safest and most secure of all because anyone can see them by visiting the site physically. In addition, these properties have a map and feature good development and possession available for construction.

Final Thoughts

These were the five best real estate investments that can get you the best return on your investment. But, no matter which option you choose, do consult CDB Properties. Our team of experts knows what is best for you and can help you choose the perfect opportunity.

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