The Ideal Time to Invest in Real Estate: Everything You Need to Know

The Ideal Time to Invest in Real Estate: Everything You Need to Know

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It’s a question that has been asked by investors many times: when is the right time to invest in real estate? The answer, of course, depends on a variety of factors. But in this blog post, we will share our personal opinion based on our 10+ years of experience in the real estate industry. 

While investing in real estate, there are many factors that you should consider. Apparently, the most important factors are the “Developers” and “Location.”  


The first important factor that you should consider is the developer you are investing with. Check their past projects, reviews, and most importantly, if they have delivered on time or not.


You should be aware of the area or city you are investing in. You must study that area’s demographics, history, future plans, and other data. 

As you know, a housing society has different development stages, such as announcing site area, form submissions, balloting, map launching, announcing sectors, phases, blocks, plot sizes, and possession.

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As real estate consultants, it’s our duty to provide the best guidance for the investment. CDB Properties advises that the best time to invest in any project is when you can see some development work has started. For example, when you can observe the society’s map is launched, some development work like leveling, construction of boundary walls, and roads are visible. 

The next best time to invest in a project is when the developer starts offering possession. Because at that point, you can be assured that the project will be completed as per the given timeline by the developer.

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And lastly, as you know, when the development progresses to the next stage, the costs of the property rise. So, it would be best if you also considered that the earlier you invest in a project, the more chances you have of making a good return on investment. 

So, these were our general experience-based thoughts on the ideal time to invest in real estate. You can contact us if you are confused about investment and don’t want to take the risk. We will assure you of the best investment opportunity. For a free consultation, you can contact us using the following contact details.

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