Sundar Business Park: Location, Investment & Development Update

Sundar Business Park Location

Sundar Business Park, strategically located adjacent to Gate #1 of Sundar Industrial Estate, is a well-developed project spanning across 700 kanals. This comprehensive business park offers a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial plots. In this blog, we will delve into the unique features and investment opportunities that Sundar Business Park brings to the table.

Ideal Location for Industrial Growth:

Situated in close proximity to Sundar Industrial Estate, Sundar Business Park fills the gap for industrial plots in Lahore. With an existing industrial presence and approximately 35,000 workers in Sundar Industrial Estate, this area is ripe for industrial development. Additionally, the nearby Sundar Small Industrial Area further enhances the project’s industrial potential.

Investment Opportunities:

Sundar Business Park offers an attractive two-year installment plan with a 30% down payment. The project provides residential plots in 3 and 5 marla sizes, commercial plots on the main boulevard in 8 and 10 marla sizes, and industrial plots in 10 and 18 marla sizes. The availability of smaller industrial plots in Sundar Business Park caters to investors who may not be able to afford larger plots in Sundar Industrial Estate.

Differentiating Factors from Sundar Industrial Estate:

Sundar Business Park stands out from Sundar Industrial Estate by providing small plot cuttings that accommodate various industries. While Sundar Industrial Estate starts with a minimum plot size of 4 kanals, Sundar Business Park offers 10 marla industrial plots starting from only 110 lacs, and 18 marla plots priced at just 162 lacs. Moreover, installment plans are available, and possession is granted within 6 months.

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Embracing the IT Sector:

Recognizing the growing IT market, Sundar Business Park is set to establish a dedicated Technology Zone spanning 5 acres—the first private-level technology zone in the region. The developers plan to offer collaboration opportunities to local and international IT companies. Companies setting up their businesses here will enjoy a 10-year tax waiver and seamless payment gateways facilitated by the State Bank of Pakistan. The IT plots are currently in the process of acquiring NOCs and will soon be available for investors.

Comprehensive Facilities and Fast-track Development:

Sundar Business Park offers a range of essential facilities, including an uninterrupted electricity supply, a one-window facilitation center for obtaining necessary NOCs, and access to Lesco and other government utilities. With a commitment to creating the best business ecosystem, the project’s development will be fast-tracked to ensure a seamless experience for investors and businesses.


Sundar Business Park presents an unparalleled opportunity for industrial growth and investment. Its prime location, affordable smaller plot sizes, dedicated Technology Zone, and comprehensive facilities make it an ideal choice for investors. With the backing of CDB Properties, trusted real estate advisors, you can explore the investment potential of Sundar Business Park and secure a prosperous future for your business.

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