Best Possible Solutions For Out Of Boundary Files

Best Possible Solutions for Out of Boundary Files

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While Investing in any property, everyone must be cautious. There are several issues that investors can face while investing in a property. In this blog, we will discuss, a major issue and its best possible solutions. 

When you invest in real estate with the file system, sometimes it happens that your files are placed out of the boundary of a housing project. At that time, investors might face some trouble. However, here are a few possible solutions that can help investors. 

Ask Refund:

If your files are placed out of the boundary, you can ask developers for a refund of your payment. For this, you need to submit an application to the developers and ask them to provide you with a refund cheque. 

Relocate Your Plot:

Some of the developers including Bahria Group of Companies offer relocation options. In this option, the investors are offered the same size of plot in another project of the same developers. 

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Sale out File in Market:

Investors can sell out their out-of-the-boundary files in the market. But anyone who will buy this kind of file, will not provide a total amount. And selling a file in minus is not a good decision. Hopefully, no one does choose this solution.

Merging File

The final and best solution is to merge your file with any private developers. But before this, you need to do proper research about the developer and also closely take a look at the portfolio of the developer. For this kind of solution, you can take help of the property dealers like CDB Properties.

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