Soul City Lahore: A Beacon of Development in Lahore

Soul City Lahore

Soul City Lahore, a project brimming with promise, is currently undergoing significant developments that are set to redefine urban living. The latest updates shed light on some key facets of this endeavor.

Soul City Lahore Theme Park Oasis

A major highlight of the ongoing development is the creation of a vast theme park within Soul City Lahore. Covering an impressive 168 kanals, this recreational haven promises a unique blend of entertainment and relaxation. Residential and commercial plots spanning 5 marlas will enjoy scenic views facing this expansive theme park.

Spiritual Hub: Muhammad Masjid

Soul City Lahore is committed to fostering a holistic community environment. The iconic “Muhammad Masjid” stands testament to this commitment. Located on the main boulevard, this mosque is poised to become a spiritual focal point within the project.

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Soul City School

Alongside spiritual and recreational amenities, Soul City Lahore is dedicated to providing quality education. A school is in the developmental stages, strategically positioned on the main boulevard. This educational institution aims to nurture young minds within the Soul City community.

Investment Opportunities in Soul City Lahore

The development work within Soul City Lahore is progressing swiftly. The current focus is on the main boulevard, with plans for additional road infrastructure. The anticipation for the first balloting is building. For astute investors seeking a prime opportunity, now is the ideal moment to consider Soul City Lahore.


Soul City Lahore is not merely a project; it’s a vision taking tangible form. With a theme park, mosque, and school in the works, this development is poised to offer a comprehensive living experience. To secure your place within this burgeoning community, reach out to CDB Properties. Your journey into the soulful essence of Soul City Lahore awaits.

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