Sector H Development Update August 2023

Sector H Development Update: A Flourishing Investment Opportunity

Sector H Development Update

Bahria Town Lahore, known for its grandeur and modernity, continues to expand with new phases that promise both residents and investors an exceptional living experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the development progress of Sector H and its potential as a lucrative investment opportunity.

Prime Location

Nestled along the bustling Jati Umrah Road, Sector H stands as a prime example of Bahria Town’s strategic urban planning. Introduced merely five months ago, this sector has quickly gained attention for its location advantage.

Attractive Plot Options

Sector H introduced a range of plot sizes catering to diverse preferences. Initially, 5 marla plots were presented at a competitive rate of 55 lacs, while 8 marla plots were offered at 75 lacs, creating an enticing investment prospect for individuals seeking affordable and well-located plots.

Swift Development Progress

With development work currently at 50-60% completion, Sector H is witnessing rapid advancements in its infrastructure. The swift pace of development signifies Bahria Town’s commitment to timely project delivery and ensures a seamless living experience for future residents.

Unique Offering: 2nd Floor Houses

Setting itself apart from the norm, Sector H offers a unique advantage. Unlike other Bahria Town phases that typically permit ground and 1st-floor houses, Sector H permits the construction of houses up to the 2nd floor. This distinctive feature adds value and versatility to the sector, attracting both home-seekers and investors.

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Upcoming Connectivity and Commercial Potential

A glimpse into the future reveals Sector H’s planned connectivity with Sector F of Bahria Town, enhancing its accessibility. Additionally, the sector’s location along the main boulevard promises a wealth of commercial opportunities, making it an ideal investment ground for businesses.

Transparent Deals

Investors in Sector H enjoy open-form deals, eliminating any transfer fees or additional taxes that could burden the investment. This transparent approach ensures that investors can confidently invest without hidden costs.


Sector H in Bahria Town Lahore is more than a mere sector; it’s a canvas of growth and development. With its strategic location, varied plot options, rapid development, and distinctive offering of 2nd-floor houses, it stands as a flourishing investment opportunity. As Bahria Town’s legacy of modern living continues to unfold, Sector H holds the promise of value appreciation and a rewarding investment journey. To navigate this enticing opportunity, connect with CDB Properties today.

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