Bahria Town Sector F – Sikandar Block: Rates Update and Prominent Feature

Bahria Town Sector F Sikandar Block Rates Update

Bahria Town is a renowned housing society in Lahore, offering a range of residential and commercial options for investors and homeowners. In this blog, we will focus on the rates update for the Sikandar Block in Sector F of Bahria Town. Additionally, we will highlight the key features and attractions in the vicinity, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Location: Convenient and Accessible

Sikandar Block is situated on the right side of the main boulevard in Bahria Town. It boasts a prime location, easily accessible through the main boulevard, and will soon have a convenient access point from the NFC Ring Road. This strategic location adds to the appeal of investing in this block.

Plot Sizes and Pricing:

All plots in the Sikandar Block are 10.88 marlas, with dimensions of 35/70. The pricing of plots in this block varies, with prices ranging from 115 lacs to 130 lacs for residential 10.88 marla plots. For those looking for larger plots, 1 Kanal plots are available in the range of 180 lacs to 230 lacs. It’s worth noting that plots near the graveyard in this block are reasonably priced, offering potential investment opportunities.

Commercial Plots: Business Opportunities

Sikandar Block also offers commercial plots, specifically 5 Marla commercial plots. These commercial plots provide an excellent opportunity for businesses or investors looking to establish commercial ventures within Bahria Town. The prices for these plots range from 225 lacs to 300 lacs, depending on the location and amenities offered.

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Prominent Features and Attractions:

Sikandar Block enjoys proximity to various notable features and attractions within Bahria Town. Winterland, one of the largest entertainment destinations in Bahria Town, is within walking distance. Additionally, the grand mosque in Ghaznavi Block and a fully operational school are conveniently located just a few minutes away. Cinema facilities in Ghaznavi Block are also easily accessible from Sikandar Block, providing residents with entertainment options.

Future Development: Southern Loop 3 of Ring Road

Investors who have already invested in Sikandar Block are advised to hold their properties. The construction of the southern loop 3 of the Ring Road is underway, with the last interchange planned near NFC Phase 2. Once completed, this development is expected to significantly enhance the value and demand for properties in Sikandar Block, making it a promising investment for the future.


Sikandar Block in Bahria Town Sector F offers attractive residential and commercial plots with a range of amenities and nearby attractions. With competitive pricing, convenient access, and upcoming development projects, this block presents an excellent investment opportunity in Lahore’s real estate market. For booking and further details, reach out to CDB Properties, your trusted real estate advisor.

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