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Bahria Town has decided to launch a new sector, Sector H, for its largest residential community, Bahria Town, Lahore. The decision was taken after seeing good market demand and response to its recently announced deal, Sector G.

This news is currently circulating in the real estate market; though it has not come out officially, it is expected that it will be announced soon in the next few days. The pioneers of housing society developers want to beat their set standards and heights with this latest development.

Since the announcement is yet to be made public, there will be many questions on everyone’s mind.

Continue reading to find out the expected location and payment plan for Sector H and what to expect from this project in terms of investment.

Sector H Location

The proposed location for Sector H will be opposite Gate No. 6 of Bahria Orchard, also known as Bahria Orchard Phase 2 Extension. It will be an ideal location for Sector H, which will play an essential role in building the value and significance of this project.

Watch this video to see the site visit of Sector H Bahria Town Lahore.

Expected Plot Cutting

Sector H will feature both residential and commercial plots. Residential plot cutting expected to be announced in Sector G is 5 marla and 8 marla plots, while initially, only one plot cutting of 5 marlas will be offered for commercial plots.

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Payment Plan

The payment plan is not available yet but will be announced when Bahria Town Lahore officially announces the launch of its new sector, Sector H.

Though if we assume that the payment plan for this new project will be similar to the payment plan introduced for their previous sector, Sector G. Then, we would like to remind you that for the open forms for the Sector G deal, the buyer needs to pay 50% advance, along with the demanded own amount, and the remaining half within 3 months.

Or the payment plan may be different. In any case, we will inform you as soon as the payment plan is officially announced.

Development Status

There is no update on the development status either, but Bahria Town has a reputation for delivering its projects on time. So we can expect rapid development from the developer to build this new Sector H. 

Sector H from an Investment point of view

Bahria Town is undoubtedly Pakistan’s most popular housing development. Investing here is a smart decision. There is always a demand for property here.

Sector H will also be an ideal destination for investors and those looking for their dream homes. Please keep checking our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the updates on Sector H before everyone else.

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