Q-Links All Projects Prices Increased – Latest Update

q links al project prices increased

The Q-Links Property Management Ltd is recognized for delivering high-end projects that are well planned and constructed. The company has completed many high-profile projects throughout Pakistan, including the Broadway Heights phase 1 and Jasmin Mall. It is a well-established company with a solid reputation in the real estate industry. 

Today the company has updated about the prices of all its projects. Q-links has notified that the prices of all its projects will be increased by 10% to 25% after 15 July 2022. This big decision is taken due to the rising cost of construction materials and land. The new prices will be applicable from 16 July 2022. 

It is big news for all the authorized dealers like CDB Properties. On the other side, it is a great opportunity for investors. They have a few days to book the properties at the current prices. After 15 July, the prices will increase, and they will get a handsome profit in a very short time.

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Q-Links offer a wide range of residential and commercial options to choose from for the investment. The company has many world-class amenities and features that make it one of Pakistan’s leading real estate developers. Here are some of the major commercial and residential projects offered by Q-Links.

These are some of the most prominent projects of Q-Links. However, there is a long list of developments of Q-Links. The investors who invested in Q-Links projects earlier will get high profits after 15 July. And the investors, who are still planning for the investment, can consult CDB Properties. We will provide you with the best investment opportunity so that you can gain good profits. 

CDB Properties is one of the country’s most recognized real estate dealers. We’ve been in this business for over a decade, and investors have full faith in us since we always recommend the best investment strategy based on the investor’s budget. For a free consultation, you can contact us any time via the following contact details:

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