Winterland in Bahria Town: A Season of Joy and Discounts

Winterland in Bahria Town: A Season of Joy and Discounts

At CDB Properties, we pride ourselves on delivering the latest updates and guidance in the real estate market. Today, we’re excited to share news about one of Bahria Town’s most popular attractions, Winterland, and its special festive offers.

Winterland – A Hub of Excitement and Entertainment

Winterland in Bahria Town has become a synonym for fun, excitement, and high footfall, especially during the winter season. It’s a place where families and individuals flock to enjoy the chilly weather and festive ambiance.

Christmas Discount Vouchers at Winterland

This winter season, Winterland brought a delightful surprise for its visitors – Christmas discount vouchers! These vouchers allowed guests to enjoy a PKR 500 reduction on their entry tickets, adding to the joy of the season. The response was overwhelming, and by January 7th, all discount vouchers were claimed, illustrating Winterland’s popularity and the community’s eagerness to partake in these festive offers.

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More Offers and Opportunities

Winterland doesn’t just stop at Christmas discounts. Throughout the season, various opportunities and promotions are available to enhance the visitor experience. Whether it’s a family outing or a fun day with friends, Winterland caters to all, making every visit memorable.

Stay Informed with CDB Properties

For those who have inquiries or questions about Winterland, its offers, timings, or any other details, CDB Properties is here to help. We are committed to facilitating our clients and the wider community with up-to-date information and support.


Winterland in Bahria Town is more than just an amusement park; it’s a place where winter magic comes alive. With CDB Properties, stay informed about all the latest happenings and make the most out of your Winterland experience.

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