Lahore Smart City Commercial Investment: The Ultimate Destination

Lahore Smart City: The Ultimate Commercial Investment Destination

Lahore Smart City Commercial Investment

Lahore Smart City is making waves in the real estate market, especially when it comes to commercial investments. With a wide range of commercial plot sizes and competitive prices, it’s proving to be an irresistible choice for investors.

Diverse Commercial Plot Sizes:

Lahore Smart City offers commercial plots in various sizes to cater to different investment preferences. These plots range from 2.66 marla to 8 marla, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

2.66 Marla Plots:

Investors seeking a budget-friendly entry into commercial real estate will find the 2.66 marla plots exceptionally appealing. Priced at just 69 lacs, these plots are a promising investment. Moreover, with booking available at a mere 20% downpayment, the opportunity to secure your share is now.

4 Marla Commercial Plots:

For those aiming slightly higher, Lahore Smart City offers 4 marla commercial plots categorized into the Executive and Overseas blocks. In the Executive block, these plots are available at 8,950,000, while in the Overseas block, they’re offered at 9,450,000. With just a 20% downpayment, you can secure your slice of these promising investments.

6 Marla Commercial Plots:

Lahore Smart City has also introduced 6 marla commercial plots in the Executive 1 and Overseas 1 blocks, catering to investors with larger ambitions. These plots provide ample space for diverse business ventures, making them an attractive choice for ambitious entrepreneurs.

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8 Marla Commercial Plots:

For those with grand aspirations, the 8 marla commercial plots are a standout choice. Priced at 17,450,000, these plots hold immense potential. Investors can take advantage of the 20% downpayment option to secure these premium plots. On-ground plots are also available at highly competitive prices.

Why Choose Commercial Investments:

Investing in commercial plots is a strategic move due to their rapid growth potential. Commercial projects tend to appreciate quickly, providing investors with substantial profits in a shorter timeframe compared to residential investments. Lahore Smart City’s commercial offerings are no exception to this trend.


In Lahore Smart City, the commercial sector is brimming with potential and opportunities. Whether you’re eyeing a compact 2.66 marla plot or envisioning a larger venture with 8 marla plots, this smart city has it all. Don’t miss out on this lucrative investment opportunity. For booking and further details, contact CDB Properties today, and embark on your journey toward financial success.

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