Lahore Smart City: A Flourishing Investment Hub

Lahore Smart City Investment Hub

Lahore Smart City, a prominent housing project, is making waves in the real estate market, showcasing a growing market situation in June 2023. With recent developments and investment opportunities, this blog explores the current market situation and the various investment options available within Lahore Smart City.

Balloting Event and Upcoming Plots:

On June 10, Lahore Smart City organized a highly anticipated balloting event, generating excitement among investors. As per expectations, the launch of 3.5 Marla plots is on the horizon, presenting an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to secure their desired plots in this sought-after project.

On-Ground Plots and Files:

Lahore Smart City offers both on-ground plots and files, catering to the diverse investment preferences of individuals. Many investors are eyeing the investment potential in plot files, as they often yield significant profits. It is a safe and secure investment avenue, especially considering the ongoing fast-paced development of the balloted plots.

Price Variations and Budget-Friendly Options:

When comparing the prices of on-ground and balloted plots, slight variations can be observed. For instance, in the case of 5 marla plots, the price difference ranges between 10 to 15 lacs. Additionally, Lahore Smart City provides investment opportunities for those on a budget through its third-rate files. With a 20% down payment, investors can opt for convenient installment plans to ease their financial commitments.

Commercial Plot Offerings:

Lahore Smart City also presents attractive options for commercial investments. The project features 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots, which have witnessed an increase in prices. However, a remarkable opportunity lies in the availability of 2.66 Marla commercial plots, priced at 69 lacs with a 20% down payment. Furthermore, 6 Marla commercial plots are available at 168 lacs, also with a 20% down payment and a 3-year installment plan.

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Variety of Investment Opportunities:

Lahore Smart City’s prime location and diverse investment offerings have contributed to its growing popularity among investors. The project caters to a wide range of budgets and investment preferences, making it an appealing choice for individuals seeking profitable ventures in the real estate sector.


As the market situation in Lahore Smart City continues to thrive, now is the opportune time to explore the investment potential within this project. Whether you choose on-ground plots, balloted plots, or plot files, Lahore Smart City offers something for everyone. For detailed information and booking procedures, reach out to CDB Properties and take the first step toward securing your investment in this flourishing residential and commercial venture.

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