Lahore Smart City: Current Market Situation & Balloting Update

Lahore Smart City Current Market Situation

Lahore Smart City is the most awaited project in Lahore. The project management recently announced the balloting of its commercial deals for the development and construction projects as part of its master plan. The developers of Lahore Smart City are highly committed to delivering the best possible outcome to all stakeholders. In this blog, we’ll update you all about the current market situation and balloting in Lahore Smart City.

Current Market Situation

As you know, the balloting in Lahore Smart City is underway. Following this balloting, a significant number of plot files will be assigned a number and then transformed into plots from files. Hence, if you are considering investing in Lahore Smart City after balloting when plots are assigned a number, this may not be the ideal option for you right now.

This is because plots in any society that goes through the balloting process tend to gain in value and price. So if you already have plot files, we recommend that you clear up your charges in order to be included in the balloting after receiving your acknowledgement slips. If you are a first-time buyer, now is the time to invest since your files will be assigned a plot number, and you will see a capital gain on your investment.

First Balloting:

Recently, the balloting of the plots in Lahore Smart City was announced. On May 13th 2023, the first balloting of plots will take place. Investors have shown enthusiasm following the announcement that investing 40% of their file price will allow them to receive an acknowledgement receipt for balloting. Furthermore, those who invest 60% of the file price will be granted exclusive access to selecting the plots on a map. Consequently, many investors came out and invested in getting hold of these receipts. Now the enrollment for the first balloting is closed. And the balloting of plots will be held on the given date.

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Second Balloting:

If you want to invest in the Lahore Smart City, your time is now. Enrollment for the 2nd balloting ends on February 28th, 2023. Investors can receive an acknowledgement receipt by paying 40% of the file. And further, in 2nd balloting, you can get the privilege of plot selection on the map by paying only 50% amount of the file. This second balloting is an ideal opportunity for investors who missed participating in the first balloting.

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In this balloting, 8 marla commercial plots are available on the main road. These plots are available at very reasonable prices. The plots are available for Pkr 17,450,000. Investors can get the files by paying only 20% as a downpayment. However, if you are willing to enlist in the second balloting, you must pay 40% of the mentioned file price. Soon the 6 marla plots will also be available in this area.

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