Jasmine Grand Mall: Latest Updates - April 2023 - Consult Decide & Buy

Jasmine Grand Mall: Latest Updates – April 2023

Jasmine Grand Mall

Jasmine Grand Mall, a project by Q-links developers, is making waves in the real estate market with its prime location and luxurious amenities. The mall is now ready in a grey structure, and the possession of shops will be announced soon. Jasmine Mall is 95% sold out, and minimal shops are available. 

Shops on Ground Floor

The ground floor of Jasmine Grand Mall offers a range of shops, with only three currently available for purchase. This floor has different sizes of shops. The front category shops with 555 sq/ft area have a rate of 370 lacs. The 300 sq/ft category shops cost 180 lacs. And the 120 sq/ft shops on this floor costs 120 lacs.

In Jasmine Grand Mall, the ground and 1st floors are dedicated to big brands, the 2nd floor is offered as a wedding galleria, the 3rd floor is a kids galleria, and the 4th and 5th floors are IT markets.

Wedding Galleria

The 2nd floor of Jasmine Grand Mall is dedicated to a wedding galleria, where all wedding-related shops are available. Here, facing lobby shops of 120 sq/ft are offered for 84 lacs.

Kids Galleria

The 3rd floor of Jasmine Grand Mall is a kids galleria, where all shops are related to kids’ brands. Here, you can buy 120 sq/ft shops for 72 lacs.

IT Markets

The 4th and 5th floors of Jasmine Grand Mall are IT markets, where all shops are related to computers, laptops, and mobiles. All shops on the 5th floor are already booked. Currently, the 4th floor has available shops for the IT market.

Once the possession of shops is announced, Jasmine Grand Mall is expected to generate great footfall, making it an ideal investment for businesses. 

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Facing Lobby Shops with Down Payment and Installment Plan

The facing lobby shops, consisting of six shops on each floor, offer a 50% down payment and a two-year installment plan. These shops were not previously offered to customers but are now available. Other malls have seen rapid increases in shop prices, with investors earning good rental income.

Exclusive Sales Rights of CDB Properties

CDB Property, an authorized dealer of Q-links developers, has exclusive sales rights for facing lobby shops of 120 sq/ft. These shops are located on each floor and offer a prime location for businesses looking to attract customers. 

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