Chinar Bagh Housing Society: A Gem on Raiwind Road

Chinar Bagh Housing Society

Raiwind Road stands as a testament to Lahore’s expanding real estate horizon, hosting a myriad of prominent housing projects. Chinar Bagh Housing Society is among these, positioned on the main stretch of Raiwind Road. This blog navigates the various blocks and offerings of Chinar Bagh, shedding light on its development pace and the lucrative real estate opportunities it presents.

Chinar Bagh Development Dynamics:

Chinar Bagh is characterized by swift developmental strides, showcasing well-maintained parks and a commitment to creating a thriving community. Let’s delve into the real estate dynamics of this bustling society.

Chinar Bagh Unmatched Affordability:

In comparison to neighboring projects, Chinar Bagh boasts remarkably reasonable prices, particularly in its M4 block. Here, 1 kanal plots are available at a fraction of the cost, ranging from 90 lacs to 1 crore, offering an enticing prospect for budget-conscious investors.

Chinar Bagh – Mehran Block’s Allure:

Mehran Block, situated on the left after the grand entrance, offers a spectrum of plots. For those eyeing 2 kanal plots, Mehran Block is a haven, with prices spanning from 175 lacs to 400 lacs.

Chinar Bagh – Bollan Block’s Varied Options:

On the right side, Bollan Block is a notable player, specifically catering to 2 kanal plots. The prices vary based on location, with main boulevard plots priced at 4 crores and the backside plots ranging from 170 lacs to 200 lacs.

In-Demand Blocks in Chinar Bagh: Shaheen and Rachna:

Shaheen Block and Rachna Block are the coveted choices within Chinar Bagh. These blocks witness high demand due to their reasonable pricing for both 2 kanal and 1 kanal plots. The commercial market in these blocks adds to their allure, providing a centralized shopping hub for residents.

Chinar Bagh – Nishat Block’s Unique Proposition:

Nishat Block, though not LDA-approved, is an affordable enclave offering 1 kanal plots from 70 lacs to 90 lacs and 10 marla plots ranging from 60 lacs to 65 lacs.

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Chinar Bagh Commercial Hub:

Positioned at the center of Chinar Bagh, the commercial market caters to the diverse needs of residents. From grocery stores to shopping outlets, this centralized market serves as a convenient hub for daily necessities.

Chinar Bagh – Jhelum and Punjab Blocks: A Variety of Plots:

Jhelum Block introduces 5 marla and 2 kanal plots, appealing to a diverse range of investors. Punjab Block extends this variety with 2 kanal, 1 kanal, and 5 marla plots, offering affordability and choice in the heart of Chinar Bagh.


Chinar Bagh Housing Society emerges as a vibrant mosaic of affordability, strategic planning, and community-centric design. With a plethora of offerings across its blocks, it stands as an inviting prospect for investors seeking a harmonious blend of cost-effectiveness and modern living. For bookings and detailed information, reach out to CDB Properties, your trusted real estate partner.

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