Bahria Projects: Latest Update on Possession & Utility Charges

Bahria Possession & Utility Charges

When investing in any Bahria project, it is crucial for investors to be aware of the deadlines for paying possession and utility charges. In our previous blog, we discussed the increase in these charges across all Bahria projects. In this blog, we will reiterate the importance of timely payment and share the latest updates on possession and utility charges.

Increase in Possession and Utility Charges

Bahria developers have recently announced an increase in possession and utility charges for all their projects. This decision has implications for investors who fail to pay these charges within the specified time frame. Without proper guidance from real estate advisors, clients may face difficulties in meeting these payment deadlines.

Deadline Extension

In our previous notification, the deadline for payment was set for 31st July 2023. However, in a recent update, Bahria developers have granted relief to investors by extending the payment deadline to 7th August 2023. This extension allows investors more time to settle their pending possession and utility charges without incurring additional costs.

Importance of Timely Payment

Failure to pay possession and utility charges on time can lead to complications for investors. The developers may shuffle plot numbers and reallocate plots to those investors who have cleared their pending charges. To avoid any inconvenience and secure their investments, investors are advised to pay their pending charges before the extended due date.

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Seize the Opportunity

The extended deadline presents a great opportunity for investors to act promptly and clear their outstanding possession and utility charges. By doing so before 7th August 2023, investors can avoid the increased charges and ensure a smooth ownership transition for their plots.


Staying informed about the latest updates on possession and utility charges is vital for investors in Bahria projects. With the recent extension of the payment deadline to 7th August 2023, investors now have the chance to seize this opportunity and settle their pending charges in a timely manner. By doing so, they can safeguard their investments and enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience. For further details and guidance, investors can rely on CDB Properties, a trusted real estate advisor. Stay connected with us to stay updated on all Bahria project developments.

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