Central Park Lahore: Premium Living Across All Blocks on Ferozepur Road

Central Park Lahore: Your Gateway to Premium Living on Ferozepur Road

Central Park Lahore: Premium Living Across All Blocks on Ferozepur Road

Situated along the bustling Ferozepur Road, Central Park Lahore is an architectural marvel, boasting three prominent entrances for easy accessibility. As you journey from Kalma Chowk towards Kasur, this residential gem emerges just 8 km from Gajumata Ring Road. Comprising 13 blocks, including A, AA, A1, A1 Executive, B, BB to J, Central Park Lahore promises an array of residential options.

Diverse Plot Sizes to Suit Every Lifestyle

Central Park Lahore caters to diverse housing needs with plot sizes ranging from 5 marlas to 2 kanals, ensuring a perfect fit for every lifestyle.

Central Park Lahore – A Block: Accessibility and Affordability Combined

Easily accessible from Gate 1 and 3, A Block offers an array of plots. The 5 marla plots are priced between 80 to 85 lacs, while the 10 marla plots range from 110 lacs to 135 lacs. The more spacious 1 kanal plots are available from 150 lacs to 2 crores.

Central Park Lahore – AA Block: The Allure of 5 Marla Plots

Accessible through Gate 2, the AA Block is dedicated to 5 marla plots, providing an affordable yet attractive investment option with prices ranging from 80 to 85 lacs.

Central Park Lahore – A1 and A1 Executive Blocks: Possession-Ready Plots

A1 Block presents 5 marla and 10 marla plots. Possession-ready 5 marla plots are available from 50 to 65 lacs, while non-possession plots range from 40 to 50 lacs. A1 Executive Block introduced a year ago, offers 5 marla plots at 55 lacs and 10 marla plots at 95 lacs.

Central Park Lahore – B Block: Varied Choices

B Block accommodates 5 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal plots. The price range is enticing, with 5 marla plots starting from 48 lacs to 60 lacs, 1 kanal plots from 140 lacs to 170 lacs, and 2 kanal plots from 320 lacs to 325 lacs.

Central Park Lahore – C Block: Catering to Different Aspirations

C Block offers a mix of 3.5 marla, 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal plots, catering to various aspirations. Prices vary, starting from 32 lacs for 3.5 marla plots to 135 lacs for 1 kanal plots.

Central Park Lahore – D Block: Exclusivity in 10 Marla Plots

D Block, focusing exclusively on 10 marla plots, maintains an air of exclusivity. Priced between 75 to 95 lacs, these plots are designed for those who seek a balance between space and budget.

Central Park Lahore – E Block: Affordable 5 Marla Plots

For those looking for affordable yet well-located options, E Block offers 5 marla plots ranging from 44 to 60 lacs, providing an excellent entry point for investors or homeowners.

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Central Park Lahore – F Block: Accessible and Spacious 10 Marla Plots

Strategically accessible from gate 3, F Block unveils a selection of 10 marla plots. With prices ranging from 68 to 95 lacs, these plots combine accessibility with the luxury of space.

Central Park Lahore – G Block: The Epitome of Spacious Living

G Block raises the bar with 10 marla plots priced from 105 to 135 lacs, and for those desiring even more space, a 21 Marla Block is available at a competitive 170 to 190 lacs.

Central Park Lahore – H Block: Ideal 5 Marla Plots

For those seeking 5 marla plots, H Block offers plots priced from 35 to 40 lacs. This block is perfect for those who prioritize a smaller plot size without compromising on quality living.

Central Park Lahore – J Block: Diverse Choices for Every Need

J Block caters to varied needs with 3.5 marla plots available from 20 to 23 lacs and 5 marla plots priced between 28 to 38 lacs. This block ensures there’s a suitable option for everyone.

The Right Time to Invest in Central Park Lahore

With Central Park Lahore advancing rapidly, now is the perfect time to invest. The project’s rapid development, coupled with competitive pricing, positions it as an attractive investment opportunity.

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