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Comparing Blocks C and D in Central Park Lahore: A Deep Dive into Options and Prices

Comparing Blocks C and D in Central Park Lahore A Deep Dive into Options and Prices

Central Park, a prestigious housing project on the Main Ferozepur Road, boasts 13 meticulously planned blocks, each offering unique advantages to residents and investors alike. Nestled within this expansive layout, Blocks C and D stand out for their strategic positioning and varied plot sizes. Located just past the first roundabout from Gate 1, C Block graces the left side towards the second roundabout, while D Block finds its place on the right.

Diverse Plot Options in C Block

C Block in Central Park is known for its variety, offering plots in several sizes to cater to diverse needs and preferences. From compact 3.5 marla plots for those seeking affordability and convenience to spacious 1 kanal plots for those desiring grandeur, C Block accommodates every aspiration:

3.5 Marla:

Ranging from 33 lacs to 38 lacs.

5 Marla:

Available between 38 lacs to 65 lacs.

10 Marla:

Priced from 65 lacs to 85 lacs.

1 Kanal:

Ranges from 130 lacs to 170 lacs.

Exclusive 10 Marla Plots in D Block

Conversely, D Block presents an exclusive opportunity for those specifically interested in 10 marla plots. This block is fully developed, enabling residents to immediately enjoy the premium amenities Central Park offers. The plots in D Block are available at prices ranging from 70 lacs to 1 crore, reflecting the developed nature and ready-to-move-in status of the properties.

Development Status and Investment Potential

While C Block is still under development, offering attractive prices for early investors and home builders, D Block caters to those looking for a developed setting to build or move into their dream home without delay.

Choose Your Perfect Plot with CDB Properties

Navigating the choices between C Block and D Block in Central Park requires careful consideration of one’s needs, budget, and long-term goals. At CDB Properties, we’re committed to helping you make an informed decision, whether you’re leaning towards the diverse options of C Block or the established allure of D Block. Contact us today for personalized assistance and to secure your plot in Central Park Lahore.

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