Central Park Housing Scheme Ferozepur Road Lahore

Central Park Lahore: A Prime Investment Opportunity on Ferozpur Road

Central Park Lahore: A Prime Investment Opportunity on Ferozpur Road

Central Park stands majestically along the Main Ferozpur Road, boasting three main entrances that directly open onto this bustling thoroughfare. Flanked by notable neighbors like Bahria Nasheman and Palm City, Central Park’s strategic position is unmatched, offering a blend of accessibility and prestige.

Diverse Plot Offerings Across Blocks

Spanning across 13 meticulously planned blocks from A to J, including multiple extensions, Central Park caters to a wide range of preferences and needs. Each block unveils a world of possibilities, underpinned by the community’s commitment to providing diverse residential options.

Unlock Potential in H Block

H Block, currently an off-ground segment, is presenting a golden chance for investors with its 5 Marla plots. Priced attractively from 32 lacs to 36 lacs, these plots are a wise choice for those looking to capitalize on future growth. As the block transitions to on-ground status, prices are projected to surge to 45 lacs, heralding a significant appreciation opportunity.

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Amenities and Commercial Activity

Central Park isn’t just about residential plots; it’s a thriving community enriched with essential amenities and commercial ventures. From operational bank branches to food chains like Bundu Khan and McDonald’s, and retail giants Bata and Servis, Central Park is a bustling hub of activity and convenience.

Seize the Moment for Investment

With current rates standing as highly reasonable, the window for securing a high return on investment is now. As prices in Central Park are poised for an upswing, discerning investors are encouraged to act swiftly to harness the full potential of their investments.

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