Bahria Sky Lahore - Interview With CEO Bahria Sky

Bahria Sky Lahore – Interview With CEO Bahria Sky

Bahria Sky Lahore - Interview With CEO Bahria Sky

Bahria Sky Lahore is a remarkable project by Oz developers, which has gained widespread popularity among end-users and developers alike. The project offers high-quality residential apartments and shops in a 16-story high-rise building.

Recently, the CDB Properties team had an exclusive interview with the CEO of Bahria Sky Lahore, in which they asked many important questions related to the buyers and investors’ perspectives.

The CEO of Bahria Sky Lahore discussed the progress of the project, which is currently underway at an impressive pace. The construction has been the top priority for the developers, and they aim to complete it within four years. However, their ultimate goal is to finish the project before the estimated time. The CEO emphasized the importance of showcasing their expertise in the construction business, which is evident in the impressive progress they have made so far.

The interview also shed light on the residential apartments available in Bahria Sky Lahore. The apartments have been launched at a price of 12,500 per sq. ft. The CEO confirmed that the pre-launch prices would be valid until the end of April. The trend of apartments in Lahore is relatively new, but it is gaining popularity among citizens due to the increasing demand for affordable accommodations.

When asked about the price increase, the CEO explained that pre-launch prices are meant to attract people, and actual prices are applied later to capture the market for newly launched projects. Additionally, property prices are increasing across the country, which necessitates the need for an increase in property prices in Bahria Sky Lahore as well.

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The CEO also highlighted the distinguishing features of Bahria Sky’s residential apartments, which set them apart from similar projects offered by other developers. One of the unique features of Bahria Sky is the mixed-use building, which has two entrances available on the front and back. The back entrance is solely for apartments, which are secured and separate from commercial areas. The developers have also offered dedicated parking for residents in the basement. Additionally, the residents’ area is not directly accessible to the mall visitors, which ensures privacy. The building boasts many top amenities, such as a 7.5 Kanal rooftop area, a club on the 14th floor, a swimming pool, and a gym. These facilities will be available for residents at a special membership that will not be available to outsiders.

In conclusion, Bahria Sky Lahore is an impressive project that has gained great popularity among buyers and investors. The CEO’s commitment to high-quality construction and innovative design features, such as the mixed-use building and dedicated parking, sets Bahria Sky apart from similar projects offered by other developers. With the construction progressing at an impressive pace, Bahria Sky is poised to become a landmark project in Bahria Town and Bahria Orchard Lahore.

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