Bahria Orchard Phase 1: New Commercial Opportunities

Bahria Orchard Phase 1: New Commercial Opportunities

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is a thriving residential and commercial hub within Bahria Town Lahore. In this blog, we explore the latest commercial opportunities that make this phase a prime investment destination.

A Commercial Oasis in Phase 1:

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is renowned for its vibrant commercial landscape. This phase is home to numerous well-established brands, making it a hub of activity. Notable names include Jalal Sons, Arena Cinema, Bahria Town School, and a host of others.

Amenities Galore:

This bustling phase boasts a 200-feet main boulevard, adding to its grandeur. The presence of popular brands like Broadway and Subway further enhances its appeal. Amidst this commercial buzz, you’ll find exquisite 1 kanal villas, providing a luxurious residential option. Additionally, a sprawling 35-kanal park offers green spaces for relaxation and leisure.

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Orchard Heights: A New Commercial Venture:

Opposite the renowned Jalal Sons lies Orchard Heights, a commercial marvel ready in its grey structure. It offers versatile spaces spanning basement plus six floors. The commercial plots adjacent to Orchard Heights are also primed for development, promising a dynamic commercial environment.

Attractive Pricing:

Investors will find these commercial plots attractively priced at 240 lacs. This pricing presents an exceptional opportunity to generate substantial rental income. The regular rental income for commercial plots in this area typically ranges from 3 to 4 lacs, adding to the allure of this investment.

Essential Proximity:

These commercial plots enjoy essential proximity to vital amenities. A hospital is conveniently located just 100 meters away, ensuring immediate medical access. Additionally, a grand mosque stands nearby, offering a place for spiritual reflection and community engagement.


Bahria Orchard Phase 1‘s latest commercial opportunities are simply too enticing to overlook. With its established brands, a well-connected main boulevard, and competitive pricing, these plots are poised for remarkable rental income potential. Whether you’re an investor looking for a lucrative opportunity or a business owner seeking prime commercial space, Bahria Orchard Phase 1 has something exceptional to offer. To secure your stake in this thriving commercial landscape, get in touch with CDB Properties today.

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