A Candid Interview with ABS Developers CEO on Pearl One Courtyard

Interview with ABS Developers CEO on Pearl One Courtyard

CDB Properties, committed to delivering precise and valuable information, presents an exclusive interview with Dr. Subayyal Ikram, the CEO of ABS Developers. The focal point of discussion is the highly sought-after investment gem, Pearl One Courtyard, distinguished by its 40+ amenities.

CEO’s Insights: Unveiling the Pearl One Courtyard Project

In a recent conversation, Dr. Subayyal Ikram provided a comprehensive overview of Pearl One Courtyard, addressing key inquiries and sharing his vision for the project. This interview aimed to bring transparency and clarity to potential investors.

Innovative Model

ABS Developers has curated an innovative model for Pearl One Courtyard, presenting a highly reasonable payment plan. With an inviting rate of 15,000 per square foot, investors are offered a unique opportunity to partake in a project enriched with over 40 amenities. The developers’ commitment to societal service is evident in this approach.

Budget-Friendly Booking

The flexibility and affordability of Pearl One Courtyard shine through in its booking process. Investors can secure a one-bed apartment with a mere 8 lacs and a two-bed apartment with only 12 lacs, making it an accessible venture for a diverse range of budget-conscious investors.

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Asan Ghar Offer

Recognizing the distinct needs of salaried individuals, ABS Developers introduces the Asan Ghar Offer. This initiative is designed to facilitate easy bookings for salaried professionals, ensuring a seamless process towards securing quality residential options.

CDB Properties Offers Expert Guidance

To delve into the myriad opportunities presented by Pearl One Courtyard, investors are encouraged to connect with CDB Properties. As esteemed real estate advisors, they extend not just bookings but a holistic consultation service, empowering investors to make informed decisions aligned with their objectives.


As the interview unfolds, it becomes apparent that Pearl One Courtyard stands as an embodiment of ABS Developers’ commitment to providing diverse investors with a chance to be part of an enriched community. For those seeking to explore this opportunity further, CDB Properties emerges as the reliable partner, offering personalized guidance and unmatched expertise.

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