Victoria City Lahore | Second Balloting Announced: Secure Your Plot Now

Victoria City Lahore Second Balloting Announced

Sheranwala Developers bring exciting news for investors of Victoria City Lahore as the second balloting is announced. This balloting offers a golden opportunity for those who aspire to become proud plot owners in this prestigious development. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the second balloting and the steps investors need to take to secure their plots.

The Significance of Second Balloting

The second balloting of Victoria City Lahore marks a crucial milestone in the project’s journey. Unlike the first balloting where plot numbers were assigned to investors paying their downpayment and installments, the second balloting requires investors to clear their pending installments and pay the balloting fee. This ensures that those who are fully committed to the project and have met their financial obligations are rewarded with plot numbers.

Eligibility Criteria for Second Balloting

To participate in the second balloting, investors must have paid their installments from August 2022 to August 2023. These 13 monthly installments and 2 bi-annual installments signify an investor’s dedication to the project and their readiness to move forward with ownership.

Development Progress and Block Offerings

Victoria City’s development is in full swing. Toheed Block boasts 5 marla plots and a limited number of 10 marla plots, while Umer Block primarily offers 3 marla plots with a handful of 5 marla plots. The second balloting covers these two blocks, opening the doors to plot ownership in these well-developed areas.

No Date Extensions

Just as in the first balloting, the developers emphasize that there will be no date extension for the second balloting. This decision is a testament to the developers’ commitment to fairness and transparency in the allotment process.

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Exciting Addition: Commercial Market

In addition to the second balloting announcement, a commercial market is also on the horizon for Victoria City. This expansion adds another layer of opportunity for investors seeking diverse investment avenues.


The second balloting announcement for Victoria City Lahore is a testament to Sheranwala Developers’ dedication to creating a thriving community of proud plot owners. Investors are urged to seize this opportunity by ensuring timely instalment payments. With easy instalment plans and an exciting commercial market on the way, Victoria City stands as a symbol of prosperity and growth. To secure your plot and learn more about the second balloting process, reach out to CDB Properties – your trusted real estate advisor. Your plot ownership journey begins now.

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