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Urban City Lahore Announces First Balloting: A Milestone for Investors

Urban City Lahore

Urban City has just announced its much-anticipated first balloting, marking a significant milestone for the burgeoning housing project. Situated on the bustling Narowal Road, the Oasis Block within Urban City is now poised for rapid development following this announcement.

Rising Opportunities in Oasis Block

This first balloting event is not just a procedure; it symbolizes the growing confidence of investors in the potential of Urban City. With the balloting, the Oasis Block is expected to see a surge in developmental activities, making it an even more attractive option for investors and future residents. Experts predict that the prices in the Oasis Block are set to climb, reflecting the increased interest and investment in the area.

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Venture Block: The Next Big Thing

Adjacent to the Oasis Block, the Venture Block stands as the next prime area for investment within Urban City. Its strategic location and developmental promise make it an excellent opportunity for those looking to capitalize on real estate investments. The Venture Block is anticipated to follow in the footsteps of the Oasis Block, offering substantial returns on investment as the project progresses.

Investment Call

Now is the opportune time to invest in both the Oasis and Venture Blocks of Urban City. With the balloting set to escalate property values, potential investors are encouraged to seize this moment to secure their future in one of Lahore’s most promising developments.

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