Unlocking the Future: Software Houses on Installments in Lahore Sky Mall

Software Houses on Installments in Lahore Sky Mall

Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) sector is witnessing an unprecedented surge, turning the nation’s focus towards the burgeoning field of digital innovation. Amidst this technological renaissance, the demand for software houses has skyrocketed, making it an opportune moment for investments in IT infrastructure.

Launch of Lahore Sky Mall: A Beacon for IT Enterprises

On the 20th of January, 2024, OZ Developers, renowned Australian-based real estate magnates, inaugurated their latest venture on Ferozepur Road – Lahore Sky Mall. This architectural marvel, a 26-story edifice, is poised to become a pivotal IT hub, offering unmatched advantages to prospective investors in software houses.

Architectural Blueprint and Approvals

Lahore Sky Mall is meticulously planned to accommodate a diverse array of enterprises. Its structure encompasses four blocks, with the first block dedicated to commercial endeavors and the second block, spanning from the 5th to the 11th floor, earmarked as the IT, software, and technology park segment. This specific block boasts over 2.5 lakh square feet, tailored for IT firms and software houses.

The project has garnered full approval from TMA and LDA, assuring investors of its legitimacy and potential. Additionally, the construction progress is transparently showcased via online CCTV surveillance, allowing stakeholders to monitor developments remotely.

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Investment Opportunities and Fiscal Incentives

OZ Developers have crafted an enticing financial model, enabling investors to acquire software houses through a 4-year installment plan, with a preliminary down payment of 20%. The Spectral Technology Zone Authority (STZA) further enhances the appeal by exempting IT projects exceeding 2.5 lakh square feet from various taxes, including property and equipment taxes, for a decade.

Strategic Partnerships and Community Benefits

Saqib Azhar, the visionary CEO of Enablers, has entered into a strategic MOU with Lahore Sky Mall, signaling the advent of comprehensive IT services within the complex. This collaboration is expected to draw a multitude of software houses and IT professionals, fostering a competitive yet collaborative tech environment.

Investors are not only purchasing office spaces but are also investing in a community equipped with conference rooms, expansive halls, and cafeterias, all designed to cater to the needs of dynamic software houses.

The Promise of Lahore Sky Mall

Lahore Sky Mall represents more than just an investment opportunity; it symbolizes the gateway to Pakistan’s IT future. By offering software houses on installment, OZ Developers are inviting visionaries to be part of a tech revolution, promising substantial returns through rental income in Pakistan’s fast-growing IT sector.


The intersection of real estate and technology at Lahore Sky Mall presents a golden opportunity for investors looking to penetrate the IT market. With the backing of credible developers and enticing financial incentives, now is the time to secure your place in this tech haven.

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