Explore the Best Commercial Investment Options in Lahore

Explore the Best Commercial Investment Options in Lahore

For savvy investors keen on commercial ventures, the vibrant city of Lahore offers a plethora of opportunities. Commercial investments typically fall into two categories: securing a space in an under-development project or investing in on-ground commercial plots. In this blog, we will delve into the prime commercial prospects currently captivating investors in Lahore.

1. Bahria Sky: Your Ticket to Success

Developer: Oz Developers

Bahria Sky, nestled within Bahria Orchard Lahore, emerges as a top-tier commercial project with Oz Developers at the helm. The project is progressing at an impressive pace, with construction operations in full swing around the clock. This rapid development ensures that investors can capitalize on this prime opportunity.

Key Features:

Diverse investment options spanning the ground floor, as well as the 1st to 4th floors.

A strategic and high-visibility location that readily attracts investors.

A flexible 48-month payment plan to accommodate various investment preferences.

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2. Strategic Investment near SL3 Ring Road:

Location: Bahria Town Lahore

The Southern Loop 3 (SL3) of the Lahore Ring Road has initiated development, heralding an impending surge in property values within Bahria Town. To capitalize on this forthcoming boom, astute investors are exploring on-ground commercial plots. While no instalment plans are available for these plots, Jasmine Grand Mall offers an alternative. Limited lobby shops on the ground floor are open for investment, with a convenient 15-month installment plan. These shops, each spanning 120 square feet, are poised to benefit from the Ring Road’s development.

3. Etihaad Town Phase 1 – 2 Marla Marvels:

Location: Main Raiwind Road, Lahore

Etihaad Town Phase 1 presents an enticing opportunity with its 2 marla commercial plots. Ideally positioned on Main Raiwind Road, merely 3.5 kilometres from Thokar Niaz Baig, this location offers easy access to the motorway and various landmarks. Already housing a prominent brand, “Macdonald,” Etihaad Town Phase 1 is set to welcome other heavyweights like Al-Fatah, KFC, and Second Cup Coffee shortly. These 2 marla commercial plots are available with a 15-month instalment plan. An initial booking deposit of 25 lacs is followed by an additional 15 lacs within 45 days, with the remaining balance conveniently paid over the next 15 months.


In the bustling city of Lahore, these three commercial investment prospects are currently taking center stage. Bahria Sky, SL3 Ring Road’s strategic location, and the promising 2 marla commercial options in Etihad Town Phase 1 offer a diverse range of investment opportunities to cater to various investor preferences. As these projects continue to gain momentum, now is the time for shrewd investors to explore and capitalize on these promising ventures. For booking and detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact CDB Properties—the key to your next successful commercial investment in Lahore.

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