The Oasis Deal in Al Kabir Orchard: Location, Payment Plan & Plot Details

The Oasis Deal in Al Kabir Orchard: Location, Payment Plan & Plot Details

Al Kabir Developers, renowned for their innovative real estate projects, have recently introduced a groundbreaking deal named “The Oasis” within the vibrant community of Al Kabir Orchard in Kala Shah Kaku. This new venture aims to cater to a diverse range of investors by offering a variety of plot sizes at exceptionally affordable rates.

An Array of Choices

The Oasis deal by Al Kabir Developers presents a unique opportunity for investors and future homeowners alike, featuring plots in several sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences. 

Available options include:

  • 3 Marla Plots: Perfect for individuals looking for compact, yet comfortable living spaces.
  • 5 Marla Plots: Ideal for families seeking a balance between cozy and spacious environments.
  • 10 Marla Plots: Offers ample space for those desiring larger homes with more room for amenities.
  • 1 Kanal Plots: Catering to those who envision grand and luxurious living quarters.

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Flexible Payment Plans

Understanding the financial constraints of investors, Al Kabir Developers have structured very reasonable payment plans for each plot size in The Oasis deal. The plans are designed to facilitate investors over a period of 3.5 years, ensuring ease and affordability. The detailed payment plan offers insight into the down payment and installment options, making it easier for investors to make informed decisions.

CDB Properties

As Al Kabir Orchard continues to grow and evolve, The Oasis deal represents a timely opportunity for those looking to invest in a promising future. With its strategic location in Kala Shah Kaku and the reputation of Al Kabir Developers for delivering quality and satisfaction, this deal is poised to become a highlight in the real estate landscape.

For investors keen on capitalizing on this opportunity, CDB Properties stands ready to assist. With our expertise and commitment to providing the best investment advice, we invite you to contact us for booking and further details about The Oasis deal in Al Kabir Orchard. Let us help you navigate the path to a rewarding investment in one of the most sought-after projects in the region.

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