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The Biggest Challenge in Pakistan’s Real Estate Market: Navigating the Shift

The real estate market in Pakistan is not just expanding; it’s evolving. Recognized as one of the primary investment avenues, the sector continues to attract both domestic and overseas investors, thanks to its robust potential for high returns. However, as the landscape grows, it encounters new challenges that shape its future.

Transition from Horizontal to Vertical Development

One significant challenge currently facing developers is the reduced availability of land for acquisition. This scarcity is steering the market away from traditional horizontal developments, such as sprawling housing schemes, towards more vertical constructions like high-rises and mixed-use buildings.

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The Role of Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis have been instrumental in fueling the growth of the real estate sector. Their investment has not only boosted the market financially but has also introduced international standards and expectations to local developments, pushing for more innovative and sustainable solutions.

Innovation by OZ Developers

Leading this transformation are entities like OZ Developers, known for their forward-thinking approach. OZ Developers have adeptly shifted their focus to vertical constructions, effectively addressing the land scarcity issue. Their flagship project on main Ferozepur Road, the “Lahore Sky Mall,” exemplifies this shift. The mall introduces concepts such as Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) alongside residential and commercial spaces, offering a multifaceted investment opportunity.

Invest in the Future of Real Estate

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