Safari Homes Bahria Orchard Phase 4: A Lucrative Investment Haven

Safari Homes in Bahria Orchard Phase 4: A Lucrative Investment Haven

Safari Homes Bahria Orchard Phase 4

Nestled along Raiwind Road, Bahria Orchard stands as the epitome of luxury among societies. Comprising four phases, each holding its charm, Bahria Orchard Phase 4 emerges as a beacon of organization and commercial vibrancy.

Safari Homes Prime Location in G6 Block

Safari Homes, situated in the heart of G6 block, epitomize luxury living. This phase strategically places residents and investors at the crossroads of commerce and convenience. Adjacent to renowned malls like Orchard Mall, Times Square & Residencia, and Bahria Sky, Safari Homes bask in the glory of an unparalleled location. Notably, the upcoming “Central Mall” in the G6 block promises to further enhance the commercial landscape.

Historical Investment Offering in Safari Homes

Three years ago, Safari Homes graced the market with a promising investment opportunity at an initial price of 60 lacs. These 5-marla double-storey houses have become a symbol of architectural excellence and residential allure. Investors can also explore resale options, adding a layer of flexibility to their investment journey.

Safari Homes Fast-Track Development

The rapid pace of development in Safari Homes paints a promising picture. With possession slated within the next 6-8 months, the project is witnessing the culmination of its vision. Many homes stand ready for occupancy, showcasing the commitment to timely delivery.

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The Ideal Investment: Awaiting Possession

As the three-year installment plan approaches completion, investors stand at the brink of realizing their investment dreams. Safari Homes beckon as an ideal investment, promising both a residential haven and a lucrative financial venture.

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