Roshan Digital Account – Best Fund Transfer Option For Overseas Pakistanis 

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Funds transfer has been a troublesome work for the overseas Pakistanis. They always needed help from some sources to transfer payments in Pakistan. Rosan Digital Account has solved this major issue and provides an easy mode of payment transfer into Pakistan. 

Roshan Digital Account was launched in September 2020. It is user-friendly and easy to use. With this account, overseas Pakistani can easily transfer funds into Pakistan without any help. This app promotes self banking and any overseas Pakistani can transfer funds by himself. 

It is a great relief for overseas Pakistanis. Now they can easily invest in Pakistan as well. Particularly real estate investors, who are investing in installment files, can send installments easily on monthly basis. This app make them transact investments in Pakistan on easy terms and conditions.

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Any overseas Pakistan can use this app to transfer payment into Pakistan. A non-Pakistani can also create an account on this app and use it for funds transfer into Pakistan. However, It can not be used to transfer payment from the Pakistani local bank account to Roshan Digital Account. 


Roshan Digital Account offers a free internet banking facility. A debit card will also be provided with this account.  And no initial deposit is required to create this account. For assistance live Roshan Digital Account also offers live chat support service.


You can easily create Roshan Digital Account. You need to go to the app of Roshan Digital Account and provide the documents such as POC, CNIC, proof of income, proof of residence and your photo. After submitting these documents, then after complete verification, you will be given the authority to create your Roshan Digital Account.  

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