Property Files And Their Types – All You Need To Know

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A plot file is a kind of document issued on behalf of booking a plot or any property. It may or may not be on the ground. Normally, the files are given to people who want to invest with a low budget. Plot files cost cheaper than on-ground plots. 

 Types of Files:

The files are of two different types, given below: 

Open Files

These files are for short-term profit. Mostly the investors who are willing to gain short-term profits, invest in open files. These are not transferable. In these plots, no balloting is issued. And if any unexpected event happens, then you are unable to claim it legally, because there is no registry of the property in this case. And the prices of the property directly affect the payment plan if the price increases before the possession, then it will be added to your installments and you have to pay installments according to the current price of the property.


  • Cheap in prices
  • Short term profits


  • Not transferable
  • Can’t claim it legally
  • If lost can’t get the copy 

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Close Files

Close files are the files that are transferable. And also the investors get short-term profits. At the time of booking the taxes are redempted but once the possession of the plot is given, you have to pay all taxes. In this case, if any unexpected event takes place, you can at least claim it legally. And also, if you lost a close file, you can easily get a duplicate of this type of file.


  • Transferable
  • Cheap prices
  • Short term profits
  • Can claim it legally
  • If you lost the file, you can get an officially duplicate copy 

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What should you choose?

CDB Properties always recommend the best of the best options to the investors. Being real estate consultants, we highly recommend going with the on-ground property. However, if you are unable to pay lumpsum, we recommend you go with closed files. Because it is somehow secure and you can also claim it legally. 

We always advise investors according to their budget. You can contact us at any time for a free consultation. Our advisors are highly professional and committed to delivering the best of them. Our contact details are as follows:

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