Pearl One Courtyard Pre-Launch Date Extended! - Consult Decide & Buy

Pearl One Courtyard Pre-Launch Date Extended!

Pearl One Courtyard Pre-Launch Date Extended!

In the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, the anticipation for Pearl One Courtyard has reached new heights. Here’s an update on the extended pre-launch booking date, ensuring investors a chance to secure their space at advantageous rates.

Pearl One Courtyard Pre-Launch Booking Recap

A few weeks ago, developers announced the pre-launch booking for Pearl One Courtyard, setting off a buzz of excitement among investors. The response was overwhelming as savvy investors swiftly booked apartments and shops to avail themselves of the reasonable prices offered before the project’s official launch.

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Good News for Investors: Pearl One Courtyard  Extended Booking Deadline

In a delightful turn of events, the developers have extended the pre-launch booking date until the 20th of November. This extension provides investors with an additional window to secure their property in this promising project at pre-launched prices.

Amenities Galore

Pearl One Courtyard boasts an impressive array of 21+ amenities within its premises. Additionally, the surrounding society offers a myriad of conveniences, with major landmarks such as Imtiaz Mart, Winter Land, Joy Land, schools, cinemas, parks, and mosques in close proximity.

Pearl One Courtyard Reasonable Prices

For investors working with a budget, Pearl One Courtyard presents an opportune moment to book apartments with reasonable prices. Despite the affordability, all major amenities are incorporated, making it an attractive proposition for budget-conscious investors. Following is the complete payment plan of Pearl One Courtyard:

Pearl One Courtyard started with Tower 1. Then came Tower 2, and now, Tower 3 is the latest addition. Here’s a quick look at the options

Pearl One Courtyard Tower 3 Payment Plan

Pearl One Courtyard Tower 2 Payment Plan

Pearl One Courtyard Tower 1 Payment Plan

Residential Payment Plan

  • 1-Bed Apartments: Priced at 60 lacs, these comfortable units can be secured with a down payment of just 20 lacs.
  • 2-Bed Apartments: For those seeking more space, 2-bed apartments are available at 96 lacs, with a down payment of only 33 lacs.

Commercial Payment Plan

Mark Your Calendar: Pre-Launch Prices Until 20th November

Investors are urged to seize this extended opportunity, as the pre-launch prices are valid until the 20th of November. Beyond this date, prices are slated to rise, promising investors a favorable return on their investment.

Act Now: Contact CDB Properties

The clock is ticking. For booking and additional details on this prime investment opportunity, reach out to CDB Properties. Your future in Pearl One Courtyard awaits.

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