NFC Phase 2 – Current Development Update

NFC Phase 2 Current Development

NFC Phase 2 is one of the developing societies in Lahore, located at the intersection of Multan Road and Canal Road. It is a society that offers affordable prices to invest in the property. The society is divided into different blocks from A to M, where JKLM blocks are under a mortgage. The developers are working on the development of this society to make it a well-established community.

Infrastructure Development

The society has two entrances from Multan Road and Canal Road. Blocks A and B are located at the entrance of NFC Phase 2. The new management committee has decided to build a mosque in Block B, which will be a convenient addition for residents. A transformer has also been installed to address the electricity issues, and the society’s water issues are expected to be resolved soon. The roads are being carpeted, and the parks are being well maintained, enhancing society’s beauty.

Housing Development

Houses are under construction in different blocks, which attracts many potential buyers to invest in this society. NFC Phase 2 offers affordable prices and is an ideal place for people looking for budget-friendly options.

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Investment Opportunities

Investors are waiting for the development work to start in full swing as they believe that NFC Phase 2 has great potential for the future. The society offers a peaceful environment and all the necessary amenities required for comfortable living. The property prices are reasonable and provide a good investment opportunity for investors.


NFC Phase 2 is a developing society, and the management committee is taking various steps to develop the society’s infrastructure. The affordable prices and the society’s location make it a favorable option for people looking to invest in property. If you are interested in investing in NFC Phase 2 or want to know more about this society, you can contact CDB Properties for further details.

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