Net Metering in Bahria Town Lahore - Good News For Bahria Residents

Net Metering in Bahria Town Lahore – Good News For Bahria Residents

Net Metering in Bahria town lahore

As usual, Bahria Town is ahead of the curve in terms of making things easier for clients. The management of Bahria Town has provided a fresh update on “Net Metering in Bahria Town Lahore”.

In Bahria Town Lahore, people were claiming expensive electricity. So, the management of Bahria Town Lahore resolved the issue by allowing them to use a net metering facility. It’s another value-added service provided by Bahria Town Lahore.

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What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that utilizes the electric grid to store energy created by your solar panel system. Net metering allows you to receive credits for excess electricity produced by your solar panels.

Advantages of Net Metering

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Financial Credits

One of the major advantages of net metering is that when the energy generated by the owner’s solar system is more than the energy consumed, then the energy can be transferred to the wapda system and the owner receives the financial credit for this. 

No need of battery storage and a backup generator

Net metering does not require battery storage devices, unlike off-grid PV systems, because the additional electricity is held by the utility grid. It also reduces the need for expensive generators because the power grid serves as a backup generator.

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Low maintenance

The battery and generator are the key aspects of a PV system that require maintenance but solar panels need minimal maintenance. However, by using net metering, you can eliminate these components and reduce your maintenance costs even more.

You can get complete details about “Net Metering in Bahria Town Lahore” by contacting CDB Properties.  

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